Dating Survey Results

“Dating Survey Results,” New Era, Mar. 2009, 38

Dating Survey Results

In September we asked the members of our New Era e-mail group to respond to a dating survey. We had nearly 200 youth respond from 13 different countries. Here are the top three answers to these survey questions, along with the percentage of respondents who gave that answer:

  • In your opinion, what is the difference between dating and hanging out?

    1. The intention 53%

    2. Couples are paired off 47%

    3. Someone specifically asks the other out 11%

  • What are some things people in your area commonly do when hanging out?

    1. Go to movies 66%

    2. Play games 29%

    3. Play sports 25%

  • What are some things people in your area commonly do on dates?

    1. Go to movies 68%

    2. Go out to eat 63%

    3. Go to a dance 17%

  • In your opinion, what makes somebody a “boyfriend,” or “girlfriend”?

    1. Dating them exclusively 32%

    2. They both like each other and go on multiple dates 30%

    3. They kiss or hold hands 20%

  • Has For the Strength of Youth helped you in your dating decisions?

    Most of you said yes to this question. Here are two sample responses:

    “Yes. For the Strength of Youth sets the perfect guidelines of what dating is, how it should be, and who you should date.”

    “Absolutely! It has helped me with wanting to be really careful about physical intimacy.”

Photograph by Matt Reier