Idea List: Getting the Most Out of Sacrament Meeting

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“Idea List: Getting the Most Out of Sacrament Meeting,” New Era, June 2007, 13

Idea List:

Getting the Most Out of Sacrament Meeting

From youth of the Harlem First and Second Wards, New York Manhattan Stake

Ever hear someone say, “That was a great sacrament meeting,” and wonder if they were in the same meeting you were in? Sacrament meeting is intended to bless our lives, but in order to really get the most out of it, we need to invest a little of ourselves. Here are some suggestions about …

The sacrament:

  • As part of your daily study, read what the scriptures in the Topical Guide have to say about “Sacrament.”

  • Prepare ahead of the meeting. Arrive early, listen to prelude music, and seek revelation.

  • During the sacrament hymn, really think about the words of the hymn.

  • Review in your mind just why you are taking the sacrament.

  • Focus on the prayers as they are being said. Think of yourself as being placed under covenant.

The talks:

  • Decide that you are going to learn at least one new thing from each of the speakers. Then, really listen.

  • If a speaker seems nervous, smile and make eye contact. Avoid whispering to others. You would want the same kindness and respect if you were at the pulpit. And your thoughtfulness will help invite the Spirit to teach you.

  • Imagine you are going to have to write a report about a talk. What good points does the speaker make?

  • Write down questions about the topic of a talk so you can research them later.

  • Bring a nonmember or less-active friend. You’ll find yourself paying attention and learning more in case your friend has questions or wants to talk about what he or she has heard.

  • Remember that if you approach the talks with an attitude of wanting to learn, the Spirit can teach you the things you need to learn, even if the speakers don’t mention them directly.

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Illustrated by Scott Greer