What’s in It for You

“What’s in It for You,” New Era, Jan. 2006, 47

What’s in It for You

Ideas for Using the 2006 Mutual Theme

These ideas could be used by Young Women or Aaronic Priesthood classes, as a combined activity, or in family home evening. They may also fulfill experiences in Personal Progress and Duty to God.

  • Consider having the teens give a presentation about Church standards and provide everyone in your ward with a copy of the wallet-sized For the Strength of Youth.

  • As Aaronic Priesthood quorums and Young Women classes, show others in your community your “light” by doing a service project that will make a difference. Invite others from the community to help.

  • Highlight the talents and creativity in your ward. Write a poem or story, compose a musical number, choreograph a dance, memorize scriptures, or do a dramatic reading. Invite parents and ward members to a display and program showcasing these talents.

  • After reading the Book of Mormon, write your testimony in the front of a copy. Give it to a friend. Or save this book to give to your future children. Each time you read the Book of Mormon, add to the written testimony in this copy.

  • If your church building is close to your school, plan a seminary breakfast and invite some of your non-member classmates. Explain what you do at seminary.

  • Identify specific ways you can be a “light” for others. Pick one to incorporate into your life.

  • Say hello to 10 people who you normally don’t greet at school. Try this with 10 different people every day for two weeks. Report to your Young Women or Aaronic Priesthood class about the results.

  • Look in the hymnbook for all the songs that have to do with light or Christ. As a class, pick one of these hymns to learn.

Sunday Lesson Helps

In addition to the Resource Guides (printed in May and November in the Ensign), Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood teachers may find these additional resources helpful in enhancing lessons 1–5.

Young Women Manual 1

Lesson 1 A Daughter of God

Poster, “Shrinking Standards?” this issue, 17.

Susan W. Tanner, “We Are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father, Who Loves Us,” New Era, Oct. 2003, 10.

Lesson 2 Jesus Christ, the Savior

Henry B. Eyring, “Always Remember Him,” New Era, Dec. 2005, 12.

Ezra Taft Benson, “The Greatest Event in History,” New Era, Apr. 2004, 44.

Lesson 3 Following the Example of Jesus Christ

Nancy Checketts, “Caroling with Chrslyn,” New Era, Dec. 2005, 26.

Q&A (struggle to always remember Him), New Era, Jan. 2005, 16.

Lesson 4 Seeking the Companionship of the Holy Ghost

H. David Burton, “Who’s Asking?” New Era, Dec. 2003, 38.

Q&A (difference between inspiration and my own thoughts), New Era, Apr. 2003, 16.

Lesson 5 Finding Joy in Our Divine Potential

Cecil O. Samuelson, “What Does It Mean to Be Perfect?” this issue, 10.

Gordon B. Hinckley, “How Can I Become the Woman of Whom I Dream?” New Era, Nov. 2001, 4.

Aaronic Priesthood Manual 1

Lesson 1 The Priesthood

H. David Burton, Richard C. Edgley, Keith B. McMullin, “The Miracle of the Priesthood,” New Era, Apr. 2004, 12.

Thomas S. Monson, “Priesthood Power,” New Era, May 2001, 4.

Lesson 2 The Calling of a Deacon

Christine Reid, “The Deacons of Coventry,” New Era, Jan. 2005, 12.

Judith P. Taylor, “Here I Come, Dad,” New Era, Apr. 2001, 26.

Lesson 3 Administering the Sacrament

Matthew Baker, “Sacrament Service,” New Era, Oct. 2002, 20.

John W. Yardley, “Happiness Every Week,” New Era, May 2004, 12.

Lesson 4 Gathering Fast Offerings

Q&A (should give fast offerings, even if it is small), New Era, May 2003, 16.

Mark E. Squires, “You Can’t Fit a Chicken in an Envelope,” New Era, May 2001, 38.

Lesson 5 Faith in Jesus Christ

Henry B. Eyring, “Always Remember Him,” New Era, Dec. 2005, 12.

Stephen E. Robinson, “Believing Christ,” New Era, Apr. 1994, 46.