Books Worth a Look

“Books Worth a Look,” New Era, Jan. 2006, 41

Books Worth a Look

Searching for Happiness

Elder M. Russell Ballard’s book Our Search for Happiness is a simple guide to the basic doctrines of the Church. The book explains concepts like the Atonement, the Apostasy, and the priesthood in language suitable not only for Church members, but also for others who want to learn more. Many personal stories from Elder Ballard’s life and other anecdotes make Our Search for Happiness easy to read and understand. It is one of the few books missionaries are allowed to take with them on their missions. You can find this book at a distribution center or at (item no. 80870).

Standards or Guardrails?

If you’ve ever wanted a little more explanation on Church standards, then Are Your Standards Fences or Guardrails? by John Bytheway is a good read for you. John Bytheway, in his highly entertaining way, talks to you one-on-one in this book about the why’s and what’s of Church standards on music, modesty, dating, and more. He even writes a little about how to be truly happy and invites you to remember that “there’s a big difference between a fence that says ‘KEEP OUT!’ and a guardrail that says ‘BE SAFE!’”

Foo’s Gold

A boy who can see the future, a girl who can freeze anything, a mischievous catlike creature, and a talking toothpick go on a journey to discover the mysterious gateway to Foo. Oh, and one more thing—the fate of the world rests in their hands.

Will Leven ever be able to master his future? Will he and his friends make it to the gateway alive? Will they overcome the shadows that chase them mercilessly? Journey with them to find the answers in Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo, by Obert Skye.

Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters is sometimes quoted in general conference because of the book’s insights on how to overcome temptation. This short satire by C. S. Lewis, a popular 20th-century Christian author, is a series of fictional letters from Screwtape, an older devil, to Wormwood, a devil-in-training. As Wormwood learns the art of deceiving humans from his more experienced uncle, Screwtape, the reader will also gain insights and learn to watch out for pitfalls of temptation. This book is available in most bookstores.

Scripture Sleuth

If you like mystery, adventure, and the scriptures, you’ll like The Book of Mormon Sleuth by C. B. Andersen. Though the plot slows down at times to let you catch your breath, Andersen keeps readers on the edge of their seats throughout much of the book, which is the first in a series. Explore Church history and the scriptures—while being chased by a treasure-hungry maniac—with Brandon, Jeff, and their siblings, as they find themselves caught up in a mystery that is more than 100 years old.

Editors’ note: These reviews do not constitute official Church endorsement of these books, but the books have been carefully reviewed to ensure that Church standards are observed. The books mentioned in this review are available from most Latter-day Saint book retailers, such as Deseret Book ( and Seagull Book & Tape (