Reading in Tongues
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“Reading in Tongues,” New Era, Apr. 2005, 37

Reading in Tongues

Have a friend who speaks Spanish? Taking French in school? Received a mission call to Portugal?

The Church’s Liahona magazine is printed in Spanish, French, and Portuguese—along with 47 other languages. The Liahona contains some of the same articles and features you find in the New Era but in different languages.

You can subscribe to any of these 50 language editions and view 12 of them online: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Spanish.

To find the Liahona online, go to the Gospel Library at Under Church Publications, click PDF and then Liahona. Choose a language from the drop-down box labeled “Select a language,” and then click the issue you would like to see.

Here’s how the April poster looks when translated into different languages for the Liahona. See if you can match the posters with the languages they are printed in.

O My Father

O My Father, by Simon Dewey, may not be copied


  • 1G; 2J; 3K; 4A; 5F; 6E; 7C; 8H; 9D; 10B; 11I

1. Armenian
2. Cambodian
3. Chinese
4. English
5. Finnish
6. Mongolian
7. Russian
8. Samoan
9. Tagalog (Philippines)
10. Tamil (India)
11. Telugu (India)