We’ve Got Mail

    “We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Mar. 2005, 50

    We’ve Got Mail

    My Dating Dilemma

    I love the Instant Messages. They’re incredibly relevant to my life. When I read the Instant Message “Dating Dilemma” in the October New Era, I felt I knew exactly what the author was talking about. I have been casually dating a really great guy from school for over a year, and lately I have felt that our relationship was getting a little too serious. I prayed about it and felt that we should just be friends. I finally told him this morning and was a little down the whole day because of it. Then I came home and saw this Instant Message reminding me that I am happiest when I follow the Lord’s will. Thank you, Tiffany Day, for writing about your experience.
    Leila Watts, Andover Ward, Anoka Minnesota Stake

    Kissing Courage

    I really enjoyed the October 2004 New Era. I was especially glad to see the article on kissing: “What Do Kisses Mean?” I turned 16 a few weeks before reading that article, and I was getting ready to start dating. I had decided to wait until I was at least engaged to kiss, but I was thinking about giving in. Reading that article helped me to strengthen my resolve. I know I’ll be better off in the long run. Thank you!
    Heather Kenison, Copperhill First Ward, Salt Lake Hunter Copperhill Stake

    An Extra Smile

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into the New Era. I especially enjoy the Extra Smile. It always makes me laugh. I also enjoy the poem and photo.
    Ashlea J. Parsons, Doonside Ward, Sydney Australia Hebersham Stake

    Being a Better Student

    I would like to thank the youth in the Yakota Military Branch who wrote the Idea List (“How to Be a Better Student”) in the November 2004 issue. I believe that this article will enable me to do better in school and get better grades than I got last time, by doing all the things they mentioned.
    Rusty Griggs, Riverside Third Ward, Murray Utah North Stake

    The World We Live In

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful magazine for youth. I find great strength and spiritual uplift in reading the stories and experiences shared by the youth and leaders of the Church across the earth. It has helped me so much in my life and constantly reminds me about gospel principles that I need to understand and put into practice. I particularly enjoy the New Era Posters, the poetry, the inspirational ideas and suggestions, and the simple, easy-to-read format. It is much needed, especially in the world we live in today. Thanks again for this awesome magazine that helps me to choose the right.
    Richard Ryan, Maitland Ward, Newcastle Australia Stake

    Illustrated by Bill Mayer