Two Years

    “Two Years,” New Era, May 2003, 51

    Two Years

    Want to know how long two years is?

    I have turned around once,

    And the first year is almost gone.

    Two years is a heartbeat;

    Two years is an eye blink;

    Two years is the time it will take me to get completely

    lost in the work,

    To get caught up in saving souls and feeling

    fine with staying here forever.

    And then two years will be over, and

    I will hop in a bus and, feeling all empty and alone inside,

    Watch southern Chile slide away in my window.

    And then I will hop on an airplane and say hello to my

    First goodbye.

    But let me tell you I will not be the same.

    I will be two years more polished and

    A thousand years older.