My Favorite Hymn
August 2000

“My Favorite Hymn,” New Era, Aug. 2000, 14

My Favorite Hymn

“I Need Thee Every Hour”
No. 98

One of my favorite hymns is “I Need Thee Every Hour” (no. 98). I especially like this hymn because without the Lord’s influence in my life, I can lose my sense of direction. I really like the line that says “I need thee every hour, Stay thou nearby.” If I am feeling down, I know I can say a prayer for comfort because He is always there for me. Whenever I am facing a difficult decision, I think about the words to this hymn and I think about what I need to do to have the Lord nearby. I know that with the Lord’s help I can make it through any trial.

Katie Grover, 17,
Clayton, California

Painting Moses Conversing with the Lord on Mount Horeb by Wilson Ong