Idea List: Christmas Countdown

“Idea List: Christmas Countdown,” New Era, Dec. 1999, 9

Idea List:

Christmas Countdown

Christmas will be here soon! To get into the spirit of the season, here are some suggested activities, one for each day of December up to Christmas Eve. (Do them in any order.)

  • Listen to your favorite Christmas music.

  • Make your brother or sister’s bed. Leave a note that says an “elf” did it.

  • Send a Christmas card to someone who might be lonely.

  • Bake Christmas cookies and give them away.

  • Learn a fun Christmas song or carol and teach it to a child.

  • Find a picture of the Savior and place it near the Christmas tree to remind your family of the real meaning of the holiday.

  • Make homemade wrapping paper with butcher paper and paint.

  • Give a small gift to someone at school anonymously.

  • Vacuum up the pine needles near the Christmas tree.

  • String popcorn to decorate the tree.

  • Learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in another language.

  • Memorize a scripture from the second chapter of Luke.

  • Memorize a scripture from 3 Nephi 11 [3 Ne. 11].

  • Write a preliminary list of New Year’s resolutions.

  • Make a gift that doesn’t cost much money.

  • Baby-sit for free for a young family in your ward so that the parents can go Christmas shopping.

  • Invite a nonmember friend to the ward Christmas party.

  • Wake up early and make hot chocolate for your family.

  • Make Christmas cards for your school teachers. Express your appreciation for all they do.

  • Be cheerful, even if things get hectic. Wish a store clerk Merry Christmas.

  • Read the Christmas story in the book of Luke.

  • Sing “Silent Night” at family home evening.

  • Help a younger sibling or relative throw peanuts on the roof for Santa’s reindeer. (Be sure to ask permission first!)

  • Place luminarias (small paper sacks containing a candle set in sand) along your front walk, porch, or driveway.

Photography by Craig Dimond