“Feedback,” New Era, Aug. 1999, 50


Also unfortunate

I am so grateful to the New Era and the comfort it gives me each time I read it. I especially appreciate the article “My Worst Date Ever” (May 1998). I was also as unfortunate as the person in the article. I could really relate. Time and time again I have been turned down and pushed aside by the girls in my ward. That story warmed my heart as I read it. I suddenly felt that I wasn’t just a nobody. Now I understand that it’s more important to rely on the Lord than on getting a date.

Name Withheld

Christmas meaning

I just wanted to write and thank you for the calendar you printed in the December 1998 New Era. Every morning when I first woke up I read each day’s thought, scripture, and challenge. In years past my Christmases have been centered on what big present I was getting or how many of my friends were buying me gifts. The pictures and thoughts of Jesus Christ helped me remember what Christmas is really about. Thank you for compiling the thoughts. They truly helped me.

Becki Campbell
Blackfoot, Idaho (via e-mail)

Great deal of strength

I am so thankful for this wonderful magazine. Currently I attend a high school of about 2,200 students. Besides me, there are four other Church members, and two of them are my brothers. Sometimes it does get lonely, but having the gospel in my life has given me a great deal of strength. I enjoy going to church more than anything else because I know that is where people truly care about me. I am very grateful for the New Era. It amazes me how talented and faithful members are all around the world.

Rachel Brim
Elmhurst, Illinois

Always remember

Thank you for the song “Only a Prayer Away” (Aug. 1996). It was really an inspiring song. Some of my mates in the MTC sang it during our departure meeting. I was really touched by the lyrics and its message. When disappointment comes, I always remember that song.

Elder Jared V. Crisanto
Philippines Cagayan de Oro Mission


I just want to tell you that I love the New Era. Every time it arrives at my house, I go to my room and read it until I have read it all or until I need to stop to get all my stuff done. It is so awesome to read about other countries and their activities or progress that has happened. I am so thankful for the New Era.

Anna Mills
Wheatland, Wyoming (via e-mail)

Her purpose

I would just like to say that I love reading the magazine each month. Whenever I’m feeling a bit down or stressed out, I always feel uplifted afterward. I especially enjoyed “Flight Plan for Life” (Feb. 1999) because it reminded me of our divine purpose. It always helps to have some inspirational words to keep us going in the right direction. That is why I enjoy reading your magazine each month. Thanks, and keep giving me great reading!

Lauren Major
Mequon, Wisconsin (via e-mail)