“Feedback,” New Era, July 1999, 50


Friend tips

This is my first year of receiving the New Era, and I have loved all the issues. My favorite one, though, is the June 1998 issue on friendship. My favorite part of the issue was the story “I Have No Friends” and the Idea List. These are good tips on how to make and be a friend.

Andrea Bean
Colorado Springs, Colorado (via e-mail)

Come flowing in

I’ve been going through hard times lately, and I’ve had a lot of questions that nobody could really answer. I asked everyone from my seminary teacher and Young Women president to parents and friends. Every month I receive the New Era, and every month the answers to my questions come flowing in through the fiction, Questions and Answers, and the Mormonads. Thank you for everything you do. I know my prayers and questions have been answered through your magazine by inspiration from God. Your messages and counsel have been uplifting and inspirational in my life.

Jade McGowan
Beenleigh, Australia

Uplifted and satisfied

I had not been feeling very well spiritually, so when I got home from school one day I began to read in the Book of Mormon and pray. That uplifted me greatly, and, satisfied of that, I went to get the mail. In the mailbox was the December 1998 New Era, and I felt inspired to read it. I just finished it, cover to cover, and am now so grateful for Christmas and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sam Noble
Muncie, Indiana

Similar situations

I love your magazine. Right when I get it out of the mailbox, I read it from beginning to end. I know it helps youth around the world, and they need something they can turn to when they have a problem. Your articles tell about problems particular kids are having, and it can help us when we are in a similar situation. Thank you again for your time that is put into the New Era. Many appreciate it.

Samantha Hall
El Dorado Hills, California (via e-mail)

A good source

I am the father of an 11-year-old boy. He will soon be 12, and I have been trying to teach him all that I know about the gospel and the priesthood. We had not been bringing the New Era into our home until recently, and after reading several issues I wish we had been doing it sooner. Most of the time I find myself crying over one story or another. I have been reading these stories with my son and encouraging him to read them on his own. You present information in a way that is easy for him to understand yet covers topics that are important to a young person. The choices he makes are becoming more critical, and I think the New Era is a source to help any young man or woman understand those choices. Thank you for such wonderful work.

Thom Allen
Riverton, Utah (via e-mail)

In focus

I would like to thank you so much for publishing the advent calendar “Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful” in the December 1998 issue of the New Era. The thought, message, and song helped me stay focused on Jesus Christ through the day. I also enjoyed the activity suggestion for each day. This is the best advent calendar I’ve ever had, and it helped me have the best Christmas too.

Janelle Foulk
Tabernacle, New Jersey (via e-mail)