“Discovery,” New Era, Sept. 1998, 23


Dad’s old canoe was too long to fit in the pond

so Lucy dragged out an old inner tube,

put our red snow disc over the hole

and gave the order to “set sail.”

I climbed in, sat down, Indian-style,

and explored the whole length of our backyard waterhole

(about 10 feet).

Then we took turns paddling around the edge,

looking for life amid the algae.

On Monday we sighted the New World.

On Tuesday we found the Promised Land.

And on Wednesday we followed

Dorothy to the Land of Oz.

By Thursday we were bored

and set out to find some new adventure.

Our ocean voyage lasted less than a week

but I can still remember

each place we visited,

and every imaginary friend we made.

I remember Lucy

standing in the wobbly bow of our ship,

pointing towards the land

that sparkled on our horizon,

her hair flapping like a red banner.

Sister Airiohuoian by Sarah Ludlow

With Roses by Rachel Gray

Out of the Spotlight by Bryan Beckman