Idea List: Make General Conference More Meaningful

“Idea List: Make General Conference More Meaningful,” New Era, Apr. 1998, 37

Idea List:

Make General Conference More Meaningful

April is conference month, and it can be a great spiritual feast if you prepare properly. Here are some tips:

  • Listen. Listen to conference with a specific purpose in mind. Listen for answers to one or two questions you are concerned about.

  • Take notes. Keep a pencil and paper handy to jot down thoughts, ideas, and scriptures that seem especially important.

  • Study. Read the conference issue of the Ensign from the last conference. Pay special attention to what the prophet said. After this conference is over, be sure to read the talks printed in the May 1998 Ensign and look for ideas that are particularly meaningful to you. Look for ways the talks can be applied to your life.

  • Be on time. If you attend conference at your stake center, make sure you’re there a few minutes early so you are settled in your seat when the conference begins.

  • Be awake! Whether you watch conference at home or at the stake center, be sure to get a good night’s rest the night before so that you’re not tempted to nap or sleep in!

  • Enjoy time with your family. Between conference sessions perhaps you could play a quiet game with your younger brothers and sisters or strike up a conversation with your parents.

  • Pray. Pay special attention to the prayers. Think about your own prayers and how you can improve communication with your Father in Heaven.

  • Go to the priesthood session. If you hold the Aaronic Priesthood, be sure to go to the priesthood session. If you’re a young woman, enjoy the time with your mom.

  • Listen to talks for you. Listen carefully for speakers who specifically address their remarks to the youth. Their messages have been prayerfully prepared to consider your needs.

  • Make goals. Get inspired! When the conference sessions have come to an end, make a list of things you learned from the talks and make a goal to live those principles better. Keep track of your progress. In six months at the next conference, make a new list.

  • Follow the prophet. When the prophet speaks, pay attention to his counsel and direction. Write any special insights or feelings in your journal. Later, if you’re feeling discouraged or tempted to sin, refer to the list to boost your spirits.

  • Reflect. Since it’s a break in the routine, general conference is a good time to reflect on your life and how you can make it better.

Photography by Tamra Hamblin and John Luke