Idea List: Great Group Dates

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“Idea List: Great Group Dates,” New Era, Feb. 1998, 15

Idea List:

Great Group Dates

No matter how long you’ve been dating—whether a few days or a few years—group dates are always a sure bet. What’s more, they’re recommended in For the Strength of Youth. So what can a group do together for fun? Here are some ideas:

  • Play board games. Faster-moving games where everyone participates are the best. Afterwards, move to the kitchen and make a snack.

  • Camera capers. Ask a member of your group who doesn’t know the plan to write down about 10 random objects or ideas. Then take pictures of the items on the list. The first group to finish the list wins. (Cameras that make instant prints, like Polaroid cameras, make this game even more fun.)

  • Play sports. Make sure you don’t have to sweat a whole lot and can still talk while you’re at it. Volleyball and miniature golf are great ideas.

  • Boat races. Live near a small river or creek? Make boats out of available materials and race them downstream.

  • Go to a sporting event. It’s better than a movie because you can still see each other and have a conversation. Pick something inexpensive that will interest everyone.

  • Do a service project. On a date? Try it! You’ll be surprised how fun work can be when you do it together for a good cause.

  • Have a poetry party. Tell everyone to bring their favorite snacks and verses. Then get together and take turns reading.

  • Visit a museum or historical site. Take advantage of guided tours whenever possible.

  • Go to the zoo.

  • Go fly a kite—or lots of them! Make them yourselves and then go out for a field test.

  • Make dinner. Try a theme: progressive, ethnic, a little off the wall. The possibilities are practically endless.

Illustrated by Steve Kropp