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“The Bulletin Board,” New Era, Jan. 1998, 46

The Bulletin Board

Westward Ho!

Talk about a roundup! For the past year, youth all over the world have pushed and pulled themselves to a greater appreciation for their pioneer ancestors. Struggling through the hot sun during the day, dancing the Virginia Reel at night, and finding time to serve their communities somewhere in between, youth have left millions of faithful footprints on trails all over the world. Here are some of the year’s highlights.

Rocky Mountain High:

Youth in the Greely Colorado Stake were literally in a rut on their trek—several times! But teamwork and determination helped them reach their destination despite high temperatures and a challenging climb.

Cat in a Cradle:

Despite a rainstorm, and even some hail, the youth in the Laramie Wyoming Stake trekked for three days and learned some authentic pioneer games, like this yarn game called “Cat’s Cradle.” Another favorite was a boy-chase-girl game called “Wink.”

Changing Their Tune:

At first, joining the Sesquicentennial Wagon Train (which spent several months last year re-enacting the actual exodus of the pioneers) for 50 miles seemed like an impossibly difficult journey to these Young Women in the Uintah Fifth Ward, Ogden Utah Weber Stake. But after spending hours on the trail singing and talking with one another, most of them were reluctant to leave.

Due South:

The youth from the Las Vegas Nevada Lone Mountain Stake, like the early pioneers who settled Las Vegas, love their home in the desert. After the trek, they say they also love things like warm beds, running water, and their favorite foods.

Prickly Heat:

These “pioneers” from the Lehi Ward, Mesa Arizona Lehi Stake, are sewing patches on their aprons in the midafternoon sun as part of an activity designed to show what it was really like for pioneer women.

California Dreamin’:

The Glendora California Stake youth pulled their handcarts in the San Gabriel mountains near their homes. Almost the entire trek was uphill, so most of the trekkers were glad that the next day was Sunday, a day of REST!

Ride ‘em Cowboy:

Caleb Smith is a “pioneer” from the Lake Mary Florida Stake. He and the other youth in his stake not only did a day of trekking but also spent a hot, rainy morning cleaning and restoring a local cemetery—and had a great time doing it.