The Bulletin Board

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“The Bulletin Board,” New Era, Dec. 1997, 36

The Bulletin Board

Keeping You Posted

Don’t forget! First Presidency Christmas Devotional, December 7, 1997, at 00 P.M. MST—via satellite at the stake center.

Joseph Smith was born on December 23, 1805. Celebrate his birthday by reading about the Restoration of the gospel in the Pearl of Great Price (Joseph Smith—History). Pay special attention to verses 14–20. To commemorate this important occasion, write in your journal your testimony and your thoughts about the first modern-day prophet. [JS—H 1:14–20]

What shall we do with Jesus who is called Christ?

“Learn of him. Search the scriptures for they are they which testify of him. Ponder the miracle of his life and mission. Try a little more diligently to follow his example and observe his teachings. Bring the Christ back into Christmas”

(Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, Dec. 1983, 5).

Angel Tree

Green Bay, Wisconsin, is cold this time of year, but young women in the Green Bay Second Ward work hard to spread the warmth of the gospel. Using the theme of the Young Women Values, the girls designed a tree covered in angels made from paper bags in the Value colors. The tree was featured as part of a local YWCA event. The tree was a great missionary tool in getting out the message of what the Young Women program is all about.

A High “Glass” Gift Exchange

Young women in the Mansfield Ward, Arlington Texas Stake, worked countless hours to produce this stained glass nativity scene. After the work was completed, the nativity was displayed in their ward meetinghouse so that the whole ward could enjoy it. Martha Kate Downey, a nonmember in the area, helped the girls produce the beautiful work. In return, they gave her the gift of a Book of Mormon with their testimonies written inside the front cover.

Floating through the Holidays

A little rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the youth in the Springfield Fifth Ward, Eugene Oregon Stake, as they participated, as a ward, in Eugene’s annual Christmas parade. Taking their cues from the parade’s theme of “Home for the Holidays,” the youth called their float “Home for the Holy Days.” The youth wanted to convey a message about the true meaning of the holiday, so they created a family home evening-type scene on their float complete with children re-enacting the Nativity, a picture of the Savior, and a family reading the Christmas story from the Bible. The youth who weren’t actually on the float walked alongside singing Christmas carols.

Sweet as Candy

Kristin Bala recently helped to restart an old tradition in a hospital near her home. Prince George Regional Hospital in Prince George, British Columbia, had gone without candy stripers for nearly 20 years. But all that has changed now that 15-year-old Kristin and a few other girls are back on the job. “This will be an experience I will always remember,” says Kristin.

Ahoy There!

Lara Marble, a 17-year-old Laurel from the Rose Park North Stake Seventh Ward, is serving as the Command Adjutant Secretary for her Navy ROTC unit at West High School in Salt Lake City. The elected office is a big responsibility, which puts her in charge of overseeing “military bearing.” In other words, Lara is in charge of encouraging her fellow ROTC members to act appropriately in uniform.

Lara says that her service in the Young Women organization gave her the confidence to pursue her ROTC goals.