The Bulletin Board
October 1997

“The Bulletin Board,” New Era, Oct. 1997, 46

The Bulletin Board

Keeping You Posted

All Booked Up

Reading up about the Church will be easy for library patrons in Richardson, Texas. Thanks to the Laurels in the Garland Third Ward, the Richardson Library is now a proud owner of a new set of the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, which the girls presented to the Director of Library Services as part of one of their weeknight activities.

Check It Out!

Aina Maria Bogza, a Laurel in Bucharest, Romania, is a chess “master.” She won the National Chess Championship of Romania in her age division and now competes nationally.

Gospel Links?

The pioneers left homes and crossed the plains so that the Church could grow. Now full-time missionaries the world over also leave their homes and trek through unfamiliar territory so the Church can grow even more. Whether it’s walking up a hill, across a busy city street, or through a golf course, no task is too great, no challenge is too much to ask—

Wait a minute, a golf course?

Missionaries in Poland have found a unique way to meet potential investigators while providing a service to the community in which they live. At a recent tournament at the First Warsaw Golf and Country Club, missionaries used their weekly service time to serve as marshals, ensuring that spectators were able to enjoy the tournament without interfering with play.

This unusual service is keeping their missionary effort right on par.

Team Spirit—Missionary Spirit

The priests in the Farragut Ward, Knoxville Tennessee Stake, make a great team. These five young men, Brad Barber, I-Kang Davis, Tyler Cornaby, Brad Watts, and Jarom Boxx, have been together through basketball tournaments, Eagle Scout projects, and school activities. But more important than any of those things, the boys made sure they were all ready to go on missions. Now they are all serving the Lord as missionaries in different parts of the world.

Thought for the Day

“I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything,

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything

I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

—Edward Everett Hale (in John Bartlett, comp., Familiar Quotations, 11th ed., 550).

Tricks & Treats

It’s no trick! If you want to get along with your family, be sure to “treat” them nicely. Here are some suggestions:

  • Do a chore without being asked.

  • Be quick to apologize if you’ve done something wrong.

  • Let a little brother or sister hang out with you and your friends.

  • Make a goal to handle conflicts cheerfully for an entire day.

  • If something upsets you, count to ten before you react.

Happy Anniversary

Even though the pioneers came to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, it wasn’t until nearly 50 years later that Utah became a state. Recently, youth in wards and stakes all over Utah gave their state the anniversary gift of their time and hard work.

The youth in the Pleasant View Utah Stake were no exception. They spent a hot summer Saturday cleaning up the 21st Street Pond in Ogden. After a big breakfast, the youth went to work building a railroad-tie barrier, painting a storage building, cleaning the grounds, landscaping and painting an office, constructing and installing park benches, pouring concrete pads, painting and installing picnic tables, removing an old fence, constructing two wheelchair ramps, and doing general cleanup around the pond.

It took most of the day, but the youth say they felt good giving something back to the place they call home. After all, how often do you turn 100?