In the Right Place
May 1994

“In the Right Place,” New Era, May 1994, 9

How I Know:

In the Right Place

I was letting negative labels keep me from doing positive things.

Until a few years ago, my family hadn’t been close to the Church. But when my father joined, I had never been more excited in my life. As I grew older, my father got closer to the Church, and I drifted farther away. I asked my dad how he knew the Church was true. He would always say he just knew.

One Sunday I thought it was a waste of time to go to church. My dad asked me if it weren’t for my mother and him, would I take the time to go by myself. My answer was no.

I did like seeing my friends at church. And every Sunday after church, my dad and I would talk about the gospel. One Sunday we talked about prayer. I said I felt like I was talking to the air. My dad helped me understand more about prayer. We talked about how I was afraid of being called a goody-goody or being known as too “churchy.” My dad helped me realize I didn’t have to let negative labels keep me from doing what’s right.

I had been excited to turn 12 so that I could go to the stake firesides. But when I was old enough, I never wanted to go. My parents told me that I would know the right thing to do. That made me feel like a jerk because I did know what I should do; I just didn’t want to do it. But I finally decided to go to a fireside, and am I glad I did. On that night, I learned the Church is true.

The speaker told many stories that made everyone laugh and cry. Then he asked his daughter to sing. She had a beautiful voice. But at the end of the program, he showed pictures of the Savior and talked about how he did many kind things. I was so touched by the Spirit that my doubts completely left me.

I know it helps to find out for yourself what is true. And I’m thankful for my father, who encouraged me and talked to me and helped me find out for myself.

Photography by Phil Shurtleff