I Will Come unto Christ
April 1992

“I Will Come unto Christ,” New Era, Apr. 1992, 11

In Tune:

I Will Come unto Christ


1. I will come unto Christ, who calls to me

As others were called by that ancient sea,

Whose shores He walked in Galilee,

When once He taught the blind to see,

The ones who were blind like me.

2. I will look unto Christ—let come what may—

In all that I do and in all I say.

For He’s the Potter, I, the clay,

And I will serve Him day by day,

And walk in the narrow way.

3. I will sing the dear Lord’s redeeming song

Of infinite love for the human throng,

Of blood and tears shed for each wrong

Of hope made bright for all who long

To sing His redeeming song.

4. I will honor the Father’s Holy One,

Redeemer of stars and of moon and sun—

Of kingdoms, glories He has won

For great and small when judgment’s done—

All praise the Beloved Son.

Copyright © 1991 by Janice Kapp Perry and Rodney Turner. Used by permission. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church and home use.

Music, I Will Come unto Christ