FYI: For Your Information
December 1984

“FYI: For Your Information,” New Era, Dec. 1984, 40

For Your Information

“He knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that truly be said of us, and all of us!” “And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!” from A Christmas Carol
—Charles Dickens

Presents in Jars

Giving gifts is great fun. The holiday season is a wonderful time to let people know you care about and appreciate them. Sometimes you would like to remember special people like a favorite music teacher or an older neighbor or a co-worker with a small gift—a gift that is thoughtful but not so elaborate or expensive that they will feel obligated to give one to you in return.

Rather than the usual plate of cookies or box of candy, consider giving a present in a jar. A little gift like this can show some of your originality.

Popcorn and show tickets. For the real popcorn and movie lover, fill a jar with unpopped popcorn. Tie two discount tickets to the movies to the lid with a big bow.

Hot spiced punch. For those chilly winter evenings, it’s nice to have something warm and spicy to drink. Fill a jar with this spiced drink mix, tie a scoop to the lid, and, if you want to elaborate a little, add a couple of inexpensive mugs.

Hot Spiced Punch

2 cups presweetened powdered orange drink

1/3 cup presweetened powdered lemonade drink

1 cup granulated sugar

1/4 tsp. ground cloves

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

Mix thoroughly. Stir 2 heaping teaspoons into one cup of very hot water.

Jelly sundae. Everyone likes homemade jelly. Make a batch of jelly and pour it into tall ice cream sundae dishes. After the jelly has cooled and set, add whipped wax to seal. To make wax look like whipped cream, melt the wax. Place in a metal or glass bowl and beat with an electric mixer until the wax starts to cool. It will be foamy. Place spoonfuls on top of the jelly while the wax is still warm and soft. Clip a short section of straw and place in the wax to complete the illusion of an ice cream sundae. You can add a false cherry made of wax and colored with red food coloring for the finishing touch.

Stacks of cookies. If cookies are your specialty, you may want to give them in a pasta jar. A pasta jar is usually tall and slender. Cookies stack neatly and look great.

Glazed nuts. For a gift with good taste, make glazed nuts and place in a small, decorative jar. Here’s how to make glazed nuts:

Glazed Nuts

1 cup whole almonds or walnuts

1/2 cup granulated sugar

2 Tbsp. butter or margarine

Cook together in a heavy pan over medium heat, stirring constantly until nuts are toasted and sugar is golden brown, about 15 minutes. Stir in 1/2 tsp. vanilla. Spread nuts on sheet of aluminum foil. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Cool, then break into clusters.

Surprise Breakfast

Five Beehive girls had a surprise introduction into the Young Women program in the Twin Falls 11th Ward, Kimberly Idaho Stake.

The girls of the ward were worried that five of their friends were only partially active, so they planned a surprise breakfast.

But instead of inviting their friends, they decided (with the permission of the girls’ parents) to “kidnap” them. Each of the five girls was pulled out of bed and taken to their leader’s house for a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. While waiting for breakfast to cook, the girls played games. They vowed that this was one morning they would remember.

State Champ

Klane Murphy received high compliments for his determination and courage from teammates after winning the 167-pound division of the Connecticut State Class L wrestling championship. Klane had been plagued with injuries including a severely cut hand and a broken nose.

Besides winning the championship, Klane also served as captain of the team.

Klane will be attending Brigham Young University on a four-year academic scholarship. He served as assistant to the president of the priests quorum in the New Canaan Second Ward, Yorktown New York Stake.

Picked as Princess

CeLisa Wathen of the Virginia Branch, Minnesota Minneapolis Mission, was selected as SnoWeek Princess at her junior high school. This was special to CeLisa since she was nominated just two weeks after moving to Minnesota from American Fork, Utah.

For CeLisa it was interesting to move from a school that had predominately LDS students to one where she is one of two members of the Church in the student body. But after her selection as princess, most of the school knew of her beliefs.

Talented Sisters

Andrea and Charissa Gubler of the Las Vegas Third Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Stake, both achieved recognition recently. Andrea won the right to represent her school in the state spelling bee. She received a perfect score at her school competition and went on to win the zone competition.

Andrea is in her Beehive class presidency, participates in sports, is a straight-A student, and enjoys drawing.

Charissa won two blue ribbons for artwork entered in a county-wide school art show. One of her ink drawings was chosen by the school district to be used as the cover for the show invitations.

Charissa serves as her seminary class president. She has been on the honor roll every year and loves to participate in sports.

A Way with Words

Mike Austin won a Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation award for a light satire he prepared for his high school newspaper. He plans to make journalism his career and is attending Brigham Young University on a journalism scholarship.

Mike is a member of the Enid Ward, Stillwater Oklahoma Stake, where he was the first assistant to the president in his priests quorum.

Miss Teenage America

Laura Baxter, 17, from Danville, California, won the title of Miss Teenage America.

Laura is a pianist and choral singer and used these talents to help win the title. Laura was chosen from 10,000 who competed in the contest throughout the country. She was selected on the basis of scholarship, community service, personal achievement, poise, personality, talent, and appearance.

Laura is the Laurel class president of the Danville First Ward, Walnut Creek California Stake. She also serves as accompanist for Young Women and is a member of the ward choir. She is active in music and drama at school and is a 4.0 student. She plans to attend college and study political science.

Outstanding Senior

John Willis from Laketown, Utah, had a great senior year of high school. He played on the varsity baseball and basketball teams. He was also the yearbook editor. He attended seminary four years and was seminary president his last year. He received his Eagle Scout award and is an honor student.

John is a member of the Laketown Ward, Paris Idaho Stake.

National Winner

Stephanie Webster, 17, of Cedar City, Utah, took top honors in national competition and was named Miss Drill Team USA. Stephanie will tour Japan and perform with other girls who placed in the U. S. competition.

While in high school, Stephanie was a cheerleader and member of the school drill team. She was also president of the madrigal singing group and was crowned homecoming queen.

Stephanie is a four-year seminary graduate and is a member of the Enoch First Ward, Cedar City Utah North Stake.

Talented Jane

Jane Sylvester of the Westwood Ward, Quincy California Stake, is talented in several areas. She served as seminary president and was selected as her graduating class valedictorian. She was the varsity volleyball captain and was selected as most valuable player. She was also the basketball captain and again selected as most valuable player. Because of her high grades and athletic ability, she was selected as her high school’s scholar-athlete of the year.

Jane is also interested in music and was drum major besides playing in jazz and show bands. She used her talents in music serving as Church pianist. She plans to study music education in college.

Most Valuable

Julie Schlappi is a valuable person to have around, especially for her high school basketball and volleyball teams. Julie has been a starter on both teams throughout her high school years.

But Julie’s activities were not restricted to sports. She served as student-body secretary, sang in a cappella and chamber choirs, was first attendant in the homecoming royalty, and was a member of the National Honor Society. She was first counselor in her Laurel class presidency in the Orem 56th Ward, Orem Utah South Central Stake.

New President

Garrett Smith was elected student-body president at Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas. He was also president of his seminary class.

Garrett, one of 15 Church members at his school, was elected on a platform of making no silly or insincere promises that couldn’t be kept. He has also served as a student council member.

Garrett is an Eagle Scout and has attended early-morning seminary for four years. He is a priest in the Sugar Land Ward of the Houston Texas South Stake.

Top Student

Lydia C. Wallace of the South Lake Tahoe Ward, Carson City Nevada Stake, is an outstanding student. She was valedictorian of her graduating class and was a member of National Honor Society for three years. She is an accomplished artist and pianist and is attending college on scholarships.

Lydia served as ward communications director, seminary president, and Young Women class president.

Book Reviews

Games, Games, Games
(Shadow Mountain Press/an imprint of Deseret Book $8.95)
George and Jeannie Chipman

If you’ve ever needed some fun and innovative games to try out on a Mutual group or at a party, Games, Games, Games is a good resource. The book is a collection of parlor games that mainly require quick minds rather than a lot of equipment. Young and old alike will find games to entertain guests or to use in family gatherings.

Keeping Score
(Bookcraft $5.95)
George and Matthew Durrant

In the Durrants’ light style, this novel introduces Jake Denning, a fellow with two loves, basketball and Nelda Jean. Plagued by failures, Jake is helped to gain a positive attitude and a successful image of himself by a new neighbor.

Stories for Mormons
(Bookcraft $8.95)
ed. by Rick Walton and Fern Oviatt

The authors have selected short stories, quotations and anecdotes that could be helpful in teaching lessons or giving talks. The selections are divided under subject headings for easy reference.

A Woman’s Choices
(Deseret Book $7.95)
Relief Society Legacy Lectures

A Woman’s Choices is a compilation of talks given in the Relief Society Legacy Lecture series started in March 1982 to observe the 140th anniversary of the organization. It presents 17 women who have achieved in their individual efforts, who have made choices that have brought distinction to themselves and to others whose lives are part of theirs.

A New Dawn
(Deseret Book $7.95)
Jack Weyland

In his delightful way, Jack Weyland brings another unforgettable character to life in his new novel. Dawn a prize-winning, eccentric graduate student and physicist, finds answers to problems that even Einstein couldn’t solve. But the harassment of news-hungry reporters sends her fleeing for cover. She hides behind a new identity at Brigham Young University, where she falls in love, finds a new faith and learns to cook spaghetti.

All That’s Golden Doesn’t Glitter
(Bookcraft $6.95)
Gaye Lynn Davis

Subtitled, “What Mother didn’t tell you about marriage,” this book is for those who have read all the books and articles and have the feeling there must be a page missing. The author deftly and sympathetically discusses the ups and downs, the rewards and the frustrations, the how-tos and why-nots, the ever-present need to reach out when you want to give up. The book sets forth not only the ultimate goal but also the practical steps to attain it.

Not in Vain
(Bookcraft $8.95)
Susan Evans McCloud

The life story of Ellis Reynolds Shipp, the second woman doctor in Utah, becomes an engrossing drama of courage, determination, sacrifice, and fortitude. From journals and family notes, the author unfolds a story that combines adventure and reality. It is a pleasing effort by the author to dramatize the life of this woman, who could dream grand dreams and mold them into reality.

The Book of Mormon “It Begins with a Family”
(Deseret Book $8.95)
Various authors

A Collection of essays by prominent Church scholars, The Book of Mormon “It Begins with a Family” is about the great individuals and fascinating personalities of the heritage of Lehi and his sons. Lehi, as a patriarch, bequeathed to all his legacy—a knowledge of the true and living God. Who were these descendants and others from the miscellaneous groups that found their way to the New World? Each chapter answers this question in detail, bringing to life the dynamic figures with which the Book of Mormon abounds.

The Choice
(Bookcraft $6.95)
Larry W. Tippetts

Subtitled as a practical guide on the morality issue this book is a fresh look at the timeless concept of sexual morality in a modern time frame. The author highlights the way to peace and a calm conscience in a fresh and appealing presentation with a wealth of well-chosen, interesting stories. This book is not just for the young. The author recognizes that the choice may be confronted at any age. Being clean is being free and at peace.

Sunbonnet Sisters
(Bookcraft $7.95)
Leonard J. Arrington and Susan Arrington Madsen

In a collection of true stories of Mormon women and frontier life, the authors use their considerable historical research abilities to bring life into that era of our past. On genealogy records pioneers are just names, but in the pages of history they are exemplary figures, intrinsically interesting, remarkably average, yet surprisingly moving. Sunbonnet Sisters is about 17 women who knew the hardship and privation of pioneer life but who also knew the nearness and reality of God.

The Miracle of Miss Willie
Deseret Book $7.95
Alma J. Yates

His first novel has the warmth and sparkle that characterizes the author’s short stories. Three boys, known as the terrors of Snowflake, Arizona, need to be reformed. Nothing short of a miracle will do. They all fall in love with Miss Willie, the new english teacher in town. She teaches them about Shakespeare, Spanish, etiquette, and girls. The miracle happens.

Brother to Brother
Bookcraft $7.95
Rendell N. Mabey and Gordon T. Allred

This book is the fascinating account of the first Latter-day Saint missionaries to Black Africa. In 1978, Rendell N. Mabey and his wife were called to take the gospel to Nigeria and Ghana. Moving stories of whole villages waiting for and receiving the gospel with joy flow from journal entries. This account is fascinating reading about the faith and persistence of a great people receiving the gospel message.

The Teaching of Lorenzo Snow
Bookcraft $7.95
comp. Clyde J. Williams

For the first time, selections from the speeches and writings of Lorenzo Snow, fifth president of the Church, are available in a convenient form. This work included highlights in the life of President Snow and is a reference to his counsel and comments on a variety of subjects, including tithing and progressing toward perfection.

Photo by Eldon Linschoten

Charissa Gubler; Andrea Gubler