I Remember the Savior
April 1983

“I Remember the Savior,” New Era, Apr. 1983, 50

In Tune:

I Remember the Savior

1. I remember the Savior on this holy day.

I think of his love as I ponder and pray.

Of bread and of water I humbly partake,

Remembering Jesus died for my sake.

2. I think of his hands, nailed and bleeding for me

As he hung, crowned with thorns, in great agony.

“Forgive them,” he prayed, “they know not what they do.”

Oh, Father, grant me a forgiving heart, too.

3. I remember his love and the life that he gave

So willingly, selflessly, mankind to save.

Dear Father, I ask thee to help me each day

Remember my Savior and follow his way.

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