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“Power,” New Era, July 1981, 13


I know what you’re saying, Julie. I have certainly felt that way. But there is something else that concerns me, too. Maybe we don’t fully understand the power that can be ours—especially as Young Women of the Church—if we will put our hand in the Lord’s, put our trust in him, and then recognize our own abilities. The scriptures say that with God nothing is impossible and that we can do all things through Christ.

Recently, during a hospital visit to a dear friend, she asked me to read the scriptures to her. You see, she was full of fear. Well, I planned to spend the evening in final review of materials for a test the next day at school. However, I knew that my friend had not been very close to the Lord lately; so I decided to stay and read to her.

I left the hospital much later than I had planned, and I was worried about my test. Still, I felt I had made the right decision in staying and helping my friend become closer to the Lord by reading the scriptures to her. That night I prayed that the Holy Ghost would bring back into my mind those things which I had previously read in my textbook and studied in class, for now there was no time for further study. A warm and comforting spirit came over me. I had no fear during the examination the next day, and I was blessed with the ability to remember information that otherwise might not have come back into my mind. I believe that if we truly seek God and try to live worthily, we will be blessed with the ability to accomplish all our goals and we will have the power to be what we should.