I Face the World

    “I Face the World,” New Era, May 1981, 12–13

    In Tune:

    I Face the World


    1. A young man, I face the world to learn and give and grow

    to grow.

    I may stand proud of what I am, the gospel makes me so.

    Proud of trust, of honesty in all the things I do.

    When faced with questions all around, the gospel path is true.

    2. When I stand before my friends, I will not let them down,

    let them down.

    I’ll stand by every word I say and live as I believe.

    Proud of who I know I am in thought and word and deed,

    I’ll let them know in all I do “you can depend on me.”

    There may be times when I am down, times I’m wrong or slow,

    but these are for experience, I’ll learn from them and grow.

    A young man, I face the world to give the best I can.

    I will grasp the iron rod, and will be a man!


    Photo by Jed Clark