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“FYI: For Your Information,” New Era, June 1975, 35

For Your Information

Heralding to the World

Young Latter-day Saints in the Canada Halifax Mission are sharing the gospel through their painted replica of a Book of Mormon cover created on a construction fence. The construction company invited people who wanted to express themselves to paint a section of the fence.

LDS Linebacker Is All-American

John Stevens, 17, linebacker at Thatcher Arizona High School, has been selected as an All-American for 1974–75. He is the only student in his high school to be ever so honored. To be considered for such an award, a student must have distinguished himself in athletic performance, sportsmanship, and extra-curricular activities. Less than one percent of high school athletes receive this honor.

In addition to being an outstanding football player, John also excels in wrestling. He is president of his seminary class, secretary of his priests quorum, and is consistently on the honor roll.

His parents, Brother and Sister Harold Stevens, were chosen by the football team as parents of the year. The family are members of the Thatcher Arizona Stake.

BYU Students Face Tuition Hike

Beginning this fall the basic tuition for LDS undergraduate students at Brigham Young University will increase $20 per semester, from $320 to $340.

Basic tuitions in the graduate professional programs, which have been in effect for two years now, will also be increased as follows: $400 to $420 per semester for the Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Accountancy programs; from $525 to $550 for the Law School.

Tuition for other graduate students and undergraduate students who have completed 128 semester hours prior to the beginning of the semester for which they are registering will be increased $40—to $360 per semester. These “advanced standing” students will also pay an overload fee of $15 per credit hour if they register for more than 16 hours per semester or eight hours per term.

Consistent with prior practice, non-LDS students at BYU will pay 50 percent more tuition in every case—from undergraduate through graduate and professional programs.

“The tuition increase for next fall is minimal when compared with our increased costs over the past four years,” according to President Dallin H. Oaks, “and is essential for maintaining and increasing the quality of education offered by the University. Church appropriations are now paying more than two-thirds of the total costs of the education of each person enrolled, and that proportion cannot be allowed to increase.”

Tempe Teachers Quorum Goes the Extra Mile

The teachers quorum of the Tempe Arizona Sixth Ward went the extra mile for one of their ward members recently when they designated a private parking space for him in the church parking lot.

Brother Conrad Roskelley of their ward is confined to a wheelchair and drives a specially equipped car. A parking space near the church entrance was often hard for him to find, and the observant members of the teachers quorum recognized this. The youths went to work, obtained permission to mark a space reserved, and built a concrete ramp so Brother Roskelley could maneuver his chair up onto the sidewalk more easily.

The next week they surprised him by asking, “How come you didn’t park in your parking space?”

Church Plans Temple in Brazil

Plans for the first temple in Latin America have been announced by the First Presidency. Situated on the north side of Avenida Prof. Francisco Morato in the Butanta section of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the temple, work on which is scheduled to begin before the end of this year, will require 18 months to be built. The announcement was made during the first day of meetings at the Church’s first area conference in South America by President Spencer W. Kimball who said that the temple will be used by members throughout South America. The Church’s membership there is approximately 140,000, including more than 40,000 in Brazil. This is an increase of 4 1/2 times in the past decade.

The building will be situated on a 5 1/2-acre section that was purchased by the Church a year ago. The site will also accommodate a stake center, a visitors center, and possibly another multi-purpose building.

The temple’s exterior will be of white Italian marble. A tower over the entrance to the one-level, 20,000 square-foot building will be topped with a porcelain enamel spire with 24-carat gold fused onto its exterior surface. The building will also feature stained glass windows with anodized bronze grills.

Landscaping will feature fountains and walks and trees, shrubs, and flowers indigenous to the country.

Colorado Scout to Attend Oslo Jamboree

Eagle Scout George Frey has been selected to attend the 16th World Scouting Jamboree in Oslo, Norway, this year. He has worked various jobs to earn more than half the $1,100 needed for the trip.

An active Scout for over four years, George has served as patrol leader, senior patrol leader, den chief, and in the leadership corps. He earned his Eagle and a Bronze Palm and has qualified for a Gold Palm.

In the Colorado Springs Third Ward, George has served as secretary and president of his deacons and teachers quorums. He is also a member of the bishop’s youth committee and plays an active role in planning and supervising his ward’s youth activities.

George is currently working to complete his Duty to God award and planning a career in forestry-forest management after filling a mission for the Church and completing college.

Laurels Create True Friendship Ties

The thoughtfulness of a Laurel class recently helped an 18-year-old New York girl face the trauma of being hospitalized with serious injuries far away from home and family.

Nancy Shannahan and her friends were returning to New York after a vacation out west when they were involved in an automobile accident. Nancy was hospitalized in Burley, Idaho, and was unable to return home with her friends.

The Oakley First Ward Laurels learned of Nancy’s predicament from their adviser, Betty Jane Fairchild, whose son was hospitalized with football injuries. The girls decided to befriend Nancy and make her a friendship quilt to take home with her to New York.

The girls donated scraps of material, and Sister Fairchild pieced them together. The quilt top was then passed from home to home so the girls could embroider the names of class members on it, with Nancy’s name in the center. The full-sized quilt was tied one evening, and a couple of Aaronic Priesthood youths even got into the spirit of things by helping to cut and tie the yarn.

Nancy has since returned home and recently wrote to the Laurels thanking them for their love and kindness. She expressed hopes of being able to get to know these girls better in the future.

Scout Receives Lifesaving Award

Robert Robb, member of the Taylorsville Utah Fifth Ward, was recently presented a national Boy Scout Lifesaving Meritorious Award for saving a five-year-old boy from drowning.

A member of Troop 571, Robert was honored for pulling the child from a swimming pool. He is a deacon and active in his ward.

Missouri Youth: Pizza’s His Dish

There are 1,200 students at Memorial High in Joplin, Missouri, and not one of them can match Ralph Green when it comes to making pizza.

Last year Ralph worked at a local pizza parlor to support his older sister through a semester at Brigham Young University.

This year, at 16, he is the only male enrolled in his school’s family foods and clothing construction classes. He has found the experience to be a good missionary tool in more ways than one. In the school paper he explained, “I am taking these courses because I want to learn to cook and sew. I want to learn because I am going on a two-year mission for my church.” The student paper went on to explain that at 19 Ralph plans to serve a mission wherever the Church sends him, and he wants to be able to fend for himself.

Although he cooks more pizza than anything else, fried chicken is his favorite dish. He’s been kidded a lot, but Ralph plans to take another sewing class next year.

Ralph is a member of the Springfield Missouri Stake.