“Feedback,” New Era, Apr. 1975, 2


    So much strength

    I am a member in Holland, and I read the letter from Akiko Tokushima in the September Feedback with great interest. I want you all to know that we have the same gospel ideas here as in Japan. It strengthens my testimony to know that young people all over the world feel the same about the gospel. I really know that Christ lives and that our Heavenly Father cares about us. Joseph Smith is truly a prophet of the Lord, and I am glad the Church was restored to the earth because it gives us so much strength in these latter days.

    Elly De Heus
    Theist, Holland


    I enjoy reading the New Era every month. It gives me contact with the other youth of the Church and also helps me perfect my English. I especially enjoy the Feedback page because it shows me that there are still other young people with the same ideals that I have. Thanks for the Mormonisms, too. They are very funny, although sometimes they are too American.

    Evelyn Wolf
    Zurich, Switzerland

    As if they were gold

    I want to congratulate you for producing a wonderful magazine. The New Era is really fantastic. I have ten of them that a friend gave to me, and I treasure them as if they were gold. “East African Safari” and FYI in the February 1974 issue are among my favorite articles. I’m 17 years old, and I like languages. I plan to study them next year, and the New Era helps me prepare.

    Ricardo Salzado
    Linares-Lindres, Chile

    Obrigado de novo

    I really enjoyed “Is She Your Sister?” in the October New Era. It really brought back memories. Being a little brother, I know the feeling. The New Era really keeps up the morale of us missionaries. Everyone looks forward to the next issue even if it does arrive two months late. Obrigado de novo.

    Elder Britt D. Nichols
    Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission

    No sooner said …

    As an LDS Aaronic Priesthood bearer, I am deeply satisfied with the New Era, and I find the literature contained therein stimulating and supportive of desirable traits. I am concerned, however, that these extraordinary articles are becoming obsolete in the memories of the majority. I certainly do not remember the material found in the early issues of the magazine. I suggest that an index of past articles be printed if your editorial experience deems it practical. With an index, LDS youth could easily find topics that they are particularly interested in, articles that they would like to reread; or articles that would be useful in talk assignments.

    Kevin D. Parkin
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    An index has been prepared each year since the New Era came into existence. You can obtain copies by sending a request to Church Magazines, 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150. Send 25¢ for each index you order. Editor

    LDS nostalgia

    The New Era offers much more to me than learning and inspiration. It gives me LDS nostalgia too. I am a convert of almost two years, and the articles in the New Era take me back to my conversion and baptism. What a beautiful thing to remember!

    Elder Cameron Walker
    Washington Seattle Mission

    The same love

    Thank you for making the New Era the greatest magazine in the world. It gives us motivation and understanding in our field of labor. It is great to know that no matter where you go in this world, members of the church of Jesus Christ all have the same love for one another because it is a Christlike love. I urge the youth who read the New Era to pray about everything they read because it is a guideline to help us gain eternal life.

    Elder Kenneth Fenon Crook
    Colorado Denver Mission

    Thanks for sharing

    Thank you for your articles on General Authorities’ wives. They are so beautiful and uplifting that they give me the courage to do what’s right whenever I read them. I hope the New Era will thank these wonderful sisters for sharing their lives with us. The articles are wonderful because they share each sister’s life and because they are so well written. Congratulations to the writer. Also I’d like to thank you on behalf of all the Expo dancers for the article in the November issue. It brought back so many wonderful memories.

    Renee Southwick
    Yakima, Washington

    A spiritual elevator

    As missionaries we have only so much spare time during our days, so I am gladly foregoing my dinner this evening to have enough time to write and thank you for the December New Era. Many times a missionary tends to feel that he is left out in right field while all the excitement and activities go on without him, even though he understands his special calling and is working to magnify it. These times often come during special family events, the changing of the seasons, and especially during the winter holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. With Christmas coming I found myself in such a state. When I received the December New Era and glanced through it, I felt more left out than even at first. But then I read the articles “The Spirit of Christmas” by Elder Thomas S. Monson and “Give Yourself Away” by Laurie Sowby. These special articles truly brought a great uplifting surge of enthusiasm to my spirit. It was sort of like getting into a spiritual elevator. At once all those negative feelings left, and I realized that I could really participate in the spirit of Christmas by giving myself away more and giving to people the best gift of all, the gospel of Jesus Christ. After that things really started to happen. Each day brought a special Christmas spirit. We are now helping a wonderful family to prepare for baptism as one of their Christmas presents. This has turned out to be one of the most wonderful Christmases that I have ever experienced. I’m sure that you were inspired to put those two very special articles in the December issue.

    Elder Julius C. Blackwelder, II
    California Oakland Mission

    Kuya Joseph

    I love the Church magazines. They are like close friends who come to entertain me with wonderful stories and poems and bring me lots of important news. Most important of all, they comfort and encourage me. They also help me to know about the Lord and strengthen me spiritually. I am sending a picture of Kuya Joseph dressed in a Barong Tagalog, our national costume, because it was through him that the gospel was restored to us in the Philippines as well as to all the other people of the world. (Kuya is a word of much love and respect that we use in reference to an older brother.)

    Eva B. Adapon
    Manila, Philippines

    Their part and more

    I’d like to make a correction in the January FYI section concerning the Washington Temple. Not only youth from the Capitol Ward, but youth, young adults, and adults from the Annandale Virginia, Oakton Virginia, and Washington D.C. Stakes helped with prededication activities. Almost all the wards, seminaries, and institute classes from Annandale and Oakton went before school or early Saturday mornings to clean up trash from the temple grounds. During public tours everyone did his part and more. Since the temple is here, missionary work is easy. Someone finds out you’re a Mormon and immediately asks you about the temple. It’s a lot easier to answer if you’re prepared. I love the New Era. It’s the best magazine anyone could read.

    Heather McLean
    Fairfax, Virginia.


    Wow! What can I say about that super article “Hasty” in the November New Era? It came across to me with immense spiritual power. My companion and I are teaching an old man who fits the description of Hasty. He’s so lonely. His wife died recently, and he had retired into a world of his own when we tracted him out. Every time we drop by to see him it seems to brighten up his day and ours. I’m sure it’s because we bring with us the message of the restoration of the gospel.

    Elder Harold Z. Stander
    Florida Tallahassee Mission