The Latter-day Saint on Campus

“The Latter-day Saint on Campus,” New Era, Feb. 1972, 20

The Latter-day Saint on Campus

As a result of having accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ, Latter-day Saint students—whether in high school or college—face some peculiar challenges that concern them as they relate both as individuals and as a group to other students on campus.

The concern may be how to activate inactive Mormons, or how to share the gospel with nonmember acquaintances, or how to involve Latter-day Saint youth in meaningful social action.

Such concerns, of course, should be the topic of discussion in every bishop’s youth committee, M Man and Gleaner council, and other youth-related Church group.

They were, in fact, the topics of discussion at a recent gathering of the Student Association of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are some of the conclusions: