The Times of the Prophets
January 1972

“The Times of the Prophets,” New Era, Jan. 1972, 10–11

The Times of the Prophets


Inventions, Discoveries

Social Conditions




World Events

Church Happenings


Beethoven composes Moonlight Sonata

Beethoven composes Pastoral Symphony

Locomotive (Great Britain)

Fulton’s steamship (US)

Morphine, narcotic analgesic

Pyrenees and Mont Perdu explored

Bare-knuckle boxing held openly in England, secretly in US


Constable paints The Hay Wain

Stethoscope (France)

Napoleon abdicates

First ascent of Jungfrau in Switzerland

Greatest North American continental earthquake; war between Great Britain and US

Tomboro erupted twice in Java


Nash designs the Royal Pavilion

Beethoven composes Ninth Symphony

Mendelssohn composes Midsummer Night’s Dream

Rossini composes William Tell Overture

Quinine for Malaria

Braille type (France)

College fraternities and sororities founded

Skiing introduced

US Monroe Doctrine declared

Prophet’s first vision; visitations of Moroni; visits to Hill Cumorah; plates, Urim and Thummim given to Joseph Smith; translation of Book of Mormon begins; Aaronic, Melchizedek priesthoods restored


Turner paints Burning of House of Parliament

Berlioz composes Romeo and Juliet

Colt revolver; daguerreotype

Morse code in use; English socialists revolt against industry; slavery abolished in British Empire

Victoria Queen of England; Revolution in France; first British reform bill gives vote to middle class

Antarctica explored by many countries; David Livingstone in Africa; land discovered south of Australia (Bellany Islands); great Boer trek to Transvaal, South Africa

Horses Edwin Forrest and Sally Miller hold trotting records; John C. Stevens, R. B. Forbes, champion yachtsmen

Battle of Alamo; Belgium awarded independence from Netherlands; Opium War between China and Britain

Organization of church; Book of Mormon published; Saints move from New York to Ohio, from Ohio to Missouri, from Missouri to Illinois; Kirtland, Nauvoo temples built; missionaries sent to Europe, South Seas


Schumann composes Symphony no. 4

Wagner composes Lohengrin

Mendelssohn composes Elijah Oratorio

Sewing machine; ether for anesthetic

Planet Neptune discovered

Disraeli, Gladstone, Bismarck in power

Saints arrive in Salt Lake Valley

First regular baseball diamond laid out in New York

South American countries developing

Communist Manifesto written

Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith


Paxton designs Crystal Palace, London

Berlioz composes Symphonie Fantastique

Handel’s Messiah performed in Salt Lake

Bicycle; typewriter; dynamite

Atlantic cable laid

Maximillian overthrown by Juarez in Mexico

Great westward expansion in America

First Kentucky Derby

Origin of Species published

Brigham Young Academy in Provo started


Great period of Victorian writing—Brontë sisters, Thackeray, Dickens, Tennyson; “Dixie” composed

Whistler paints Little White Girl

Verdi composes Aida

Chewing gum; Sweden’s mechanical cream separator

Suez Canal finished

Slavery in US abolished

US transcontinental railroad completed

National Women’s Suffrage Association formed

Ruins of Troy uncovered; gold discovered in California

Ice hockey introduced in Ontario

Crimean War

Alaska bought from Russia for two cents an acre

Temple building; colonization throughout intermountain area


Mussorgsky composes Pictures at an Exhibition

Renoir paints Moulin de la Galette

Rodin sculpts The Thinker

Edison’s phonograph



Nine-pin bowling banned in New England for gambling

Chicago fire

Martin Harris rebaptized


Dr. A. Conan Doyle creates Sherlock Holmes

Ben Hur written

Seurat paints A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Edison’s incandescent lamp; Scotland’s first automobile “tyre”; Robert Koch discovers tuberculosis germ

German scientist discovers X-ray

Telephone comes to church headquarters; National Geographic Society formed; Canadian Pacific Railway spans Canada

Eiffel Tower opens

Alexander II of Russia assassinated; military conscription in Japan; assassination of US president Garfield

Wilhelm II kaiser of Germany

Gold rush to Alaska

Amateur Athletic Association formed in England

Missionary movement expands to far-distant countries; first world skyscraper built in Chicago (ten stories!)

MIA Contributor published; golden jubilee of founding of Church celebrated; “God Be with You” favorite new hymn


First film studio built in Hollywood; Tabernacle Choir concert at Chicago Exhibition

Tiffany table lamp

Martin Buber, Jewish philosopher, gains prominence

First automobile (Benz) on display at Paris Exposition; Italy’s Marconi makes wireless telegraphy practical

Radio- telegraphy becomes trans-Atlantic

First gasoline car manufactured; player piano on market; Brazil frees slaves

Diphtheria antitoxin perfected; adrenaline heart stimulant discovered

Cuban Republic inaugurated; Winston Churchill prisoner in Boer War

Gold discovered in western Australia

Basketball devised by YMCA instructor; John L. Sullivan wins boxing heavyweight championship; first modern-day Olympics in Athens

Henry Vardon takes US Open in golf; World heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries

Largest meteorite, weighing 37 1/2 pounds found in Greenland

Spanish- American War

Manifesto signed discontinuing polygamy; Salt Lake Temple completed after 40 years; first issue Improvement Era

Teaching of and emphasis on law of tithing; Japanese Mission opened


Ravel composes Rapsodie Espagnole

Charlie Chaplin introduced as new film talent

Kandinsky paints Blue Mountain

The Curies isolate radium

Netherlands invents electro- cardiograph; aspirin; Novocaine

Germany develops flat phonograph discs

Hershey bars and Kellogg’s cornflakes; horseless carriage clocked at 15 miles per hour; Boy Scouts started in England

Teddy Roosevelt US president

Commonwealth of Australia established

Wright Brothers fly

Admiral Peary reaches North Pole

Jack Johnson world boxing champion; cricket great, W. G. Grace, dies

McKinley assassinated

First international arbitration court opens at Hague

San Francisco earthquake does $500,000,000 damage

First issue of the Children’s Friend; Apostle Reed Smoot seated in Senate after overcoming opposition; dedication of Joseph Smith Monument


Stravinsky composes The Rite of Spring

Mondrian paints Composition in Blue


Nicholas II of Russia shot; Turkish-Italian War; World War I

Schweitzer starts African work

Panama Canal

Titanic sinks on her maiden voyage

Sun Yat-sen leads Chinese Revolution

Expansion of building program including erection of Church Office Building; work begun on Alberta and Hawaii temples


Frank Lloyd Wright designs Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

Ravel composes Bolero

Caruso makes last appearance—at New York Met




Holland, vitamin B

League of Nations formed; technicolor; television

Mussolini dictator of Italy; Irish Free State founded; Finland a republic

Lindberg flies monoplane nonstop across Atlantic; Queen Elizabeth ocean liner sails

Man O’ War and Seabiscuit winners at the track

Devastating earthquake in Japan

Stock market crash and depression

Church Welfare Program starts


Talking pictures change film industry; big bands for ballroom dancing craze

Prokofiev composes Peter and the Wolf

Grant Wood paints American Gothic

Artificial heart developed

Sulfa drugs

Uranium atom split

Britain discovers penicillin, vitamin A

Trans-Atlantic radio; jet engine

Sonja Henie figure skating champion; Joe Louis and Max Schmeling tops in boxing; Dizzy Dean, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth famous in baseball

Hitler’s blitzkrieg

Edward VIII abdicates British throne

World War II

Tabernacle Choir broadcast over CBS begins; assistants named to Council of the Twelve


Rockwell paints The Four Freedoms

Swedish monaural sound brings long-playing records; soap operas, comic books, Disney characters big hits

Antibiotics advance medicine; cortisone discovered

Drive-in everything— movies, laundries, banks, and eateries

Ireland gains independence; post WW II Allied occupation underway; US cold war in Korea

Flying saucers in the news; Sons of the Utah Pioneers reenact 1847 Mormon trek across plains

Babe Ruth honored by fans in Yankee Stadium

Atomic bomb

Henry Ford dies; General Douglas MacArthur relieved of Far-East command

Idaho Falls Temple dedicated

Church welfare helps feed starving Europe


Promised Valley produced for Church’s centennial

Niemeyer designs Palace of the Dawn, Brasilia

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II televised

Air conditioning for cars; vaccine for polio and measles; cancer and cigarettes linked

Swiss women given vote; jetliner service between London and Africa

Rockefeller provides New York property for UN

Mid-East crisis; Charles de Gaulle French Prime Minister

Sputnik I launched by Russia; Nautilus crosses North Pole under ice pack

Mt. Everest conquered by Hillary of New Zealand

St. Lawrence seaway links Great Lakes and Atlantic


Church film “Man’s Search for Happiness” a hit at New York World’s Fair; stereo sound produced Saarinen designs CBS Building, New York

Fuller designs American Pavilion Expo ’67

Alaska and Hawaii new US states

Kennedy brothers assassinated in US; Vietnam war

Communications satellite orbits and conference heard worldwide

Astronauts plant US flag on moon; primitive tribe found in Philippine jungle

Quota system on missionaries; Church correlation, family home evening emphasis; membership growing from two to three million


The Beatles and mod look in clothes, arts, crafts; posters on every conceivable subject; obscenity rampant

Cassette recorders, tape decks for cars; laser light, keystone to future technology; Boeing’s 747 superjet launched

Campus unrest; racism; pollution; consumerism; women’s lib

US withdrawal from Vietnam; civil war in Ireland; China recognized in UN

World jogs in fitness kick; all-Church athletics replaced by regional events

Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin’s daughter, marries in US; exchange students, travel groups shrink world

Three magazines replace old ones; Ensign (adults), New Era (youth), Friend (children); new church skyscraper in Salt Lake

Events in the Times of the Prophets