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“Preface,” Teaching in the Savior’s Way (2015)

“Preface,” Teaching in the Savior’s Way


The principles described in this resource can help every gospel teacher teach in the Savior’s way. This resource is intended especially for those whose Church callings give them opportunities to teach—including teachers in Primary, Sunday School, Relief Society, Young Women, and Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood quorums, as well as priesthood and auxiliary leaders. The principles described here can also help parents, teachers, and auxiliary leaders as they teach in their families.

Teachers can study this resource on their own to learn how to more effectively teach in the Savior’s way. They can also use the resource to guide discussions in family home evenings, presidency meetings, ward or stake council meetings, and quarterly teacher council meetings.

Teacher council meetings are described in the section titled “Teacher Council Meetings.” The ward council oversees these meetings, with assistance from the Sunday School presidency. A member of the Sunday School presidency usually leads the meetings. The material in this resource should be used as the basis for teacher council meetings.

Note: In this resource, references to wards and stakes apply also to branches, districts, and missions.

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