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Improving as a Christlike Teacher: A Personal Evaluation

“Improving as a Christlike Teacher: A Personal Evaluation,” Teaching in the Savior’s Way (2015)

“Improving as a Christlike Teacher: A Personal Evaluation,” Teaching in the Savior’s Way

Improving as a Christlike Teacher: A Personal Evaluation

The Apostle Paul encouraged the Saints in his day to “examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves” (2 Corinthians 13:5). As teachers, we too should evaluate our strengths and weaknesses so that we can always be improving in our ability to help learners build faith in Jesus Christ and become more like Him. As you seek to improve, remember the Lord’s promise: “Because thou hast seen thy weakness thou shalt be made strong” (Ether 12:37). Be patient with yourself, and seek the Savior’s strengthening power to become the kind of teacher He knows you can be.

Jesus Christ. Miracles. Dead Raised (Lazarus)

The following activity can help you apply principles of Christlike teaching. Read each statement below, and consider how well it describes you as a teacher. Choose the most appropriate response for each:

1 = rarely 2 = sometimes 3 = often 4 = almost always

Then, as guided by the Spirit, prayerfully select a few things you would like to improve. Set some goals, and use the sections of this resource to help you improve. Return to this activity periodically to evaluate your progress.

Love Those You Teach

  • I pray for those I teach.

  • I express my love to the people I teach.

  • I understand the needs and experiences of those I teach.

  • When I prepare to teach, I focus more on the people I am teaching than on making a presentation.

  • As prompted by the Spirit, I alter my plans in order to address learners’ questions and needs rather than trying to cover everything I have prepared.

  • I reach out to those who are not attending class.

Teach by the Spirit

  • I pray for the guidance of the Spirit in my life and in my efforts as a teacher.

  • I strive to live worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

  • I listen for spiritual promptings as I prepare and as I teach, and I have the faith to adjust my plans accordingly.

  • I bear my testimony to those I teach.

  • I help those I teach to recognize the Spirit’s influence.

  • I begin preparing at least one week in advance, and I record spiritual impressions that I receive.

  • The environment in my classroom invites the Spirit.

Teach the Doctrine

  • My teaching is centered on the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets.

  • As appropriate, I use stories, music, artwork, and other appropriate resources to help those I teach understand doctrines.

  • When difficult questions arise, I respond in ways that build faith.

Invite Diligent Learning

  • I help those I teach become responsible for their own learning.

  • I ask questions that encourage pondering.

  • I invite learners to share their insights and testimonies and to strengthen one another.

  • I ask follow-up questions to encourage learners to think more deeply about gospel principles.

  • I help learners find answers to their questions, rather than answering all their questions for them.

  • I provide opportunities for all learners to participate in discussions.

  • I invite learners to act on what they learn, as guided by the Spirit.

  • I follow up on invitations to act, and I ask learners to share their experiences.

  • I encourage learners to study the scriptures on their own and with their families.