Book of Mormon: Alma 17–Moroni 10 Learning Assessment Study Guide

    “Book of Mormon: Alma 17–Moroni 10 Learning Assessment Study Guide,” Seminary Learning Assessments (2016)

    “Book of Mormon: Alma 17–Moroni 10,” Seminary Learning Assessments

    Book of Mormon: Alma 17–Moroni 10

    Jesus Christ visits the Americas

    Doctrinal mastery questions: Understand the doctrines taught in the doctrinal mastery passages.

    Context and content questions: Understand some of the key accounts and associated principles.

    • Anti-Nephi-Lehies: lessons learned about becoming converted unto the Lord (see Alma 23:5–13)

    • Alma’s comparison of the word to a seed: lessons and steps in strengthening our faith (see Alma 32)

    • The nature of the Atonement of Jesus Christ (see Alma 34:9–10)

    • The best time to learn to keep the commandments of God (see Alma 37:35)

    • What is needed to satisfy the demands of justice (see Alma 42:15–31)

    • Stripling warriors: lessons learned about obedience (see Alma 57:21)

    • The solution to overcoming the cycle of pride and destruction (see Helaman 11)

    • Lessons learned from the fulfillment of prophecies of Christ’s birth (see 3 Nephi 1:1–26)

    • How often Jesus Christ follows the will of Heavenly Father (see 3 Nephi 11:10–11)

    • What we are commanded to be (see 3 Nephi 12:48)

    • The pathway to obtaining eternal life (see 3 Nephi 27:16)

    • The Lord’s invitation to be sanctified (see 3 Nephi 27:20)

    • The Lord’s promises concerning our weaknesses (see Ether 12:27)

    • Our responsibility toward other members of the Church (see Moroni 6:4)

    • The gift of charity (see Moroni 7:45, 47–48)

    • The pattern for obtaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon (see Moroni 10:3–5)

    • One of the signs that the Lord is fulfilling His promise to gather Israel in the last days (see 3 Nephi 21:1–11).

    Doctrines and principles: Understand major doctrines and principles taught in the Book of Mormon.