Missionary Organization

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“Missionary Organization,” Missionary Handbook (2010), 5–6

“Missionary Organization,” Missionary Handbook, 5–6

Missionary Organization

“It is wisdom in me; therefore, a commandment I give unto you, that ye shall organize yourselves and appoint every man his stewardship” (D&C 104:11).

Your mission is organized according to the same principles that govern other basic organizations in the Church. Your mission president has been called of God and set apart. He holds the keys to preside over the mission and direct the work (see D&C 65:2; 124:143). He will help you maintain your spiritual and temporal welfare and help you fulfill your purpose as a missionary (see Preach My Gospel, p. 1). He assigns district and zone leaders to help him strengthen, support, and train you in your work. He also assigns two elders as assistants to help him plan, prepare, and present training and supervise the work.

You and your companion are assigned to a specific proselyting area. You represent the Lord in this area and are responsible for obtaining His direction in carrying out your assignment and blessing the people there.

You report on this responsibility—including the status of the work—and on your personal progress to your mission president each week. Each week you should write a letter to your mission president as part of your weekly report. He is the only person who will read this letter, so you may be open with your comments.

Concentrate your efforts on your assigned area. If, for any reason, you need to leave your area, permission from your leaders is required. Never leave the boundaries of your mission unless your mission president authorizes you to travel outside the boundaries for a specific assignment.

When you have questions or concerns, your first source of help is your Father in Heaven. Seek His guidance through the scriptures and personal revelation. Your companion and your district and zone leaders are your next sources of support. They can help you with everyday matters. For special needs, such as illness or confidential matters, talk with your mission president.