Appendix A: Guidelines for Couples and Senior Sisters

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“Appendix A: Guidelines for Couples and Senior Sisters,” Missionary Handbook (2010), 67–68

“Appendix A,” Missionary Handbook, 67–68

Appendix A: Guidelines for Couples and Senior Sisters

Couples and sisters age 40 and older are not expected to follow the same proselyting schedule of younger missionaries. Some mission rules established for younger missionaries may not apply to you. You should still set standards and goals and follow the same dress and grooming standards listed for younger elders and sisters. Living the missionary standards will help you feel the missionary spirit. Remember also that many missionaries will look to you as an example. Discuss with your mission president ways you may adapt the schedule and standards expected of younger missionaries.

To meet the needs in your area, your mission president may assign you responsibilities other than those you received with your call.

To the extent possible, all missionaries should share the gospel. You should find, friendship, and teach to the extent that your other assignments allow.

Missionary couples and sisters (age 40 and older) are not covered by the equalized Missionary Support Fund program. They are responsible for their own expenses, including housing, transportation, and medical needs.

If you have special financial needs, discuss them with your mission president.