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Notes: A Great Way to Communicate

“Notes: A Great Way to Communicate,” Family Home Evening Resource Book (1997), 265

“Notes: A Great Way to Communicate,” Family Home Evening Resource Book, 265

Notes: A Great Way to Communicate

This activity will show your family how to use notes to express their love for each other in a creative way.


A note can communicate love and appreciation over and over as the person who receives it reads it and rereads it. As a family, discuss these suggestions for writing your own personal notes:

  1. Make them simple and sincere.

  2. Express how you feel inside.

  3. Use creativity to make your message personal.

Here are some examples of creative notes:

Daisies won’t tell, but I will. You’re the greatest, and I love you.

Thank you for planting the seeds of what really matters in my life. You have helped me grow so much. (To Young Women leader or school teacher)

I acted like a nut. Please forgive me! (Peanut butter is good, too.)

Pack two lunches in two brown paper bags. On the outside of one bag write, “What do you say we ‘bag’ our differences and just enjoy each other today? Where shall we go? The park? The beach? You name it.”

Mother, write a note to your deacon son. Let him know how special he is and how much you appreciate his service to you.

Teenagers and young adults, tuck notes in the pockets of your friends to let them know that you care about them and have faith in them. Think of clever ways to deliver your notes without getting caught.

Mother, tuck a love note in your husband’s briefcase, scriptures, sandwich, or newspaper.

Dad, set a note for your wife inside the refrigerator, washer, checkbook, under the pillow, or in a dozen different places.

Small children appreciate a note that says, “I love you because ____________.”