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Making Snow Sculptures

“Making Snow Sculptures,” Family Home Evening Resource Book (1997), 309

“Making Snow Sculptures,” Family Home Evening Resource Book, 309

Making Snow Sculptures

Wintertime in some areas can be long and tedious. Making snow sculptures can involve your whole family, and even your neighbors, in creative outdoor fun.


First, sketch on paper the sculpture you want to make out of snow. Figure out the approximate dimensions of the parts of the sculpture. For best results, use snow that is wet or packed in compact drifts and shape it into dense balls, squares, or related forms. Use a knife, spatula, shovel, hoe, wood scraper, or other tool to carve the packed snow. This will keep your hands from getting too cold. Add snow as required to give proper form.

Add color to your snow sculpture by dissolving food coloring or clothing dye in water and painting it on the sculpture or mixing it with the snow. Spray water, using a clothes spray or garden spray. Brushing on water with a paint brush can add a nice glaze to your object. Try an igloo, snowman statue, dog, cat, spaceship, or nativity scene for starters.

Additional Activities

  1. Have a family contest and award prizes for form, style, creativity, or color. Invite your neighbors to join the competition.

  2. Use sand in areas without snow.

  3. Take pictures of your sculpture.