Marriage and Family. Part 3

    “Marriage and Family. Part 3,” Doctrinal Mastery Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Teacher Material (2017)

    “Marriage and Family. Part 3,” Doctrinal Mastery D&C and Church History Teacher Material

    Marriage and Family, Part 3


    The teaching materials for this learning experience on “Marriage and Family” are divided into three parts. In part 3, students will participate in a cumulative review activity that will help them review all of the doctrinal mastery scripture passages they have studied so far this year. This review activity should take a total of 20 minutes. If you did not have time to cover all of the material from part 1 and part 2 of the “Marriage and Family” learning experience, consider teaching that material during this class session. If you have finished those materials, you could use the remainder of your time in this class session to review any material from regular sequential scripture lessons in the Doctrine and Covenants that you did not have time to adequately cover during class time.

    Doctrinal Mastery Cumulative Review (20 minutes)

    Read the following scenarios aloud to the class, or consider dividing students into groups to discuss these scenarios after you read them. Each scenario is related to one or more doctrinal mastery passages in the Doctrine and Covenants. After you read each scenario, ask the class to locate a relevant doctrinal mastery passage. (They may use their copies of the Doctrinal Mastery Reference Guide if they choose.) Invite various students to share which doctrinal mastery passage they found, and ask them to explain how the passage relates to the scenario.

    The doctrinal mastery passages listed after each scenario are possible responses, but students may also think of additional doctrinal mastery passages that relate to the scenarios.

    • Jacob is receiving the missionary discussions and asks, “Are there any scriptures that teach that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have physical bodies?” (D&C 130:22–23)

    • Madison is struggling with feelings of low self-worth, and she wonders how God could possibly love her. (D&C 18:10–11)

    • Robbie has committed a sin and wants to be forgiven. He is not exactly sure how to truly repent. (D&C 58:42–43)

    • As Owen is pondering over where he should attend college, one particular university keeps coming to mind. After doing further research, he feels confirmation in his heart that this is where he should go. (D&C 8:2–3)

    • Tanner is unsure that God will keep His word and provide blessings when he (Tanner) keeps his covenants. (D&C 82:10)

    • Claire is asked if any latter-day prophets have seen the resurrected Savior. (D&C 76:22–24)

    • During a recent general conference, the President of the Church invited all members of the Church to read from the Book of Mormon every day. Allison said that she would only do something like that if God told her to. (D&C 1:37–38; D&C 21:4–6)

    • Spencer wants to know why God says it is important for us to do certain things like be baptized, partake of the sacrament, and get married in the temple. (D&C 84:20–22; D&C 131:1–4; D&C 82:10)

    • As Paige ponders the current state of the world and thinks about the future, she often feels afraid. But then as she remembers that the Savior has a plan and is in control, she feels peace and reassurance. (D&C 6:36)

    • As Daniel learns of the magnitude of Jesus Christ’s suffering when atoning for our sins, he wonders why the Savior made such a great sacrifice. (D&C 19:16–19; D&C 18:10–11)

    • Caleb wants to know what it means to be a worthy priesthood holder. (D&C 121:36, 41–42)