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Child Nutrition

“Child Nutrition,” Child Nutrition (2023)

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Child Nutrition

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we covenant to care for all of God’s children around the world. Our goal is to serve and nurture children so they can reach their full potential. “No humanitarian effort is more foundational to Christ’s Church than feeding the hungry,” said Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson. “We are grateful to have the means to collaborate with wonderful organizations and provide relief to children and young mothers in dire need. As we serve together, we extend the reach of Christ’s loving arms.”

Many children around the world suffer from the effects of malnutrition. Children need adequate nutrition, especially from conception to age two or three. The nutrients they receive are crucial for proper brain, body, and immune system development. Because this period is so critical to a child’s development, the Church has focused efforts to help more young children have access to comprehensive nutrition care, including nutritious foods, safe drinking water, supported access to local clinical services, and other factors that help children grow properly.

The most successful nutrition programs work through grassroots efforts in local communities, particularly with the involvement of women. The Church is uniquely organized to deliver these types of solutions through ward councils, ministering, and the Relief Society. In addition, the Church works with global organizations to improve nutrition for all children in need.

Use the resources at the link below to learn more about child nutrition, how it impacts our families, and how you may be able to improve your own family’s nutrition.