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“Addiction,” Addiction (2020)

“Addiction,” Addiction

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Addiction is a persistent dependence on a harmful behavior or substance. It can disrupt the ability to listen to the Spirit and limit the use of agency. Many who struggle with an addiction suffer from shame and may feel that recovery is not possible. Yet with God, nothing is impossible (see Luke 1:37). All can be healed, restored, and protected through Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

Addictions can include the use or abuse of substances such as tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs, as well as behaviors such as pornography use, food disorders, compulsive spending, and gambling. Not every relationship someone has with such a substance is severe enough to be called an addiction, but these behaviors can grow into addictive behavior. Dependence upon or misuse of such things can become debilitating to daily life and must be taken seriously. These trials may feel overwhelming and take time to overcome, but if individuals are accountable, have faith in Jesus Christ, and receive loving support from others, they can change.

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