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A Little Better Every Day

“A Little Better Every Day,” Friend, January 2020

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A Little Better Every Day

From an interview with Lucy Stevenson.

girl playing a violin

Illustration by Jennifer Bricking

When I was a child, I played the violin. I wanted it to sound pretty. I wanted to play for my parents and have them say, “Oh, Joy, that’s beautiful!” But it didn’t sound beautiful. It squeaked!

Sometimes when I didn’t practice, my teacher would say, “Joy, did you practice this week?” It made me want to practice so I could play better the next week.

Looking back, playing the violin was a good experience because it was hard. Even though I didn’t always like practicing, I learned so much from setting a goal to practice a little bit every day.

That is what I hope you will do. Try to learn a little more each day. Heavenly Father doesn’t expect you to be able to do everything at once. Life is about learning and growing a little at a time. He wants you to keep trying. And He wants you to enjoy it!

Sometimes we are hard on ourselves. We think, “I failed. I can’t do it,” and then we give up. But the Savior is saying, “Keep going. I’m right here to help you!” Because of Jesus Christ, we don’t have to do it alone. We can get up and try again with His help. That’s what this life is all about.

If there was one thing I wish you could know in your heart, it would be that Heavenly Father loves you. You might be facing something hard, but you have been prepared to come to earth at this time. Just keep trying and keep sharing your light. Heavenly Father will bless and guide you as you follow the covenant path.