Just Serve
    JustServe: A Blessing to the Stake

    JustServe: A Blessing to the Stake (2019)

    JustServe: A Blessing to the Stake


    A Blessing to the Stake


    JustServe Brings Great Blessings to All Members of the Stake and Community


    • Develop lifelong habits of serving others, and may become less focused on social media.

    • Prepare socially to be successful missionaries.

    • Develop gratitude, self-confidence, and self-esteem, and their inclination to engage in antisocial and addictive behaviors diminishes. (See “Benefits for Teens Who Serve,” www.justserve.org/resources.)

    • Leaders easily find opportunities for youth to be “engaged in good causes.”


    • Become true disciples of Christ as they love their neighbors and provide for the poor and the needy.

    • Develop gratitude, become less self-centered, and may require less counseling from ecclesiastical leaders.

    • Working side-by-side with neighbors and friends, come to realize they have much in common and focus less on differences.


    • Engage in meaningful activities during less-productive daytime hours.

    • Develop valuable social skills and gain self-confidence and self-esteem as they interact with others.

    • Meet and interact with many more nonmembers and less-actives than in other daytime activities, often resulting in natural and meaningful conversations with others.


    • Have more options for ward members receiving assistance that allow them to give back in meaningful and even life-changing ways.

    • May see increased activity among less-active members when they are invited to minister side-by-side with members and missionaries.

    • May see youth become less dependent on social media and become more self-confident, self-assured, and focused on others.


    • Parents may find opportunities to demonstrate pure religion by serving friends and strangers.

    • Experience joy and strengthen family ties as they serve together.

    The Purpose of JustServe

    JustServe provides an easy way for members, missionaries, and those not of our faith to engage in meaningful community service. Its purpose is different from other efforts where Church members have planned big community service projects and then invited others to join them, or, in times of disaster, identified volunteers by having them wear matching T-shirts or vests. The goal of JustServe is simply to invite community members desiring to serve, including members of the Church and others, to utilize the JustServe.org website to find projects sponsored by faith, non-profit, community, and governmental organizations that best match their circumstances and abilities.

    When thinking about the benefits of JustServe, members and leaders may consider the following questions:

    • Could parents use a resource to help them find service opportunities to teach their children Christlike service?

    • Could members use a resource to help them find ways to serve during some routine activities, such as family home evening?

    • Could members invite people they minister to, as well as friends and neighbors, to join with them in service opportunities?

    • Could youth and auxiliary leaders use a resource to help plan service activities, rather than having to organize activities themselves?

    • Could bishops use a resource to help find service opportunities for those receiving assistance?

    • Could missionaries use a resource to find meaningful service opportunities to help them fill their least productive daytime hours?

    • Could communities, faith groups, and charitable organizations use the website and see it as a helpful resource?

    • Could everyone use a resource to help them become true disciples of Jesus Christ?


    Building unity through community service

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