Preparation and Progression
April 2023

“Preparation and Progression,” Liahona, Apr. 2023.

For Parents

Preparation and Progression

father looking on as his son writes on a paper

Dear Parents,

This month’s issue can help you begin discussions with your children about how preparation aids our progression toward eternal salvation. The ideas below cover topics like preparing for eternity, the role of the Holy Ghost in temporal and spiritual education, and how to make the week before Easter more meaningful.

Gospel Discussions

Preparing for Eternity

Read President Nelson’s article “Jesus Christ Is Our Savior,” on page 4. Are there family members you are looking forward to meeting again in the next life? What ordinances would help your family be together for eternity? Ask: “Are we making decisions for now or for eternity?”

Making Christ the Center of Easter

Using the ideas in the article “Making Easter a Time to Remember the Savior” on page 8, gather with your family and discuss what you can do to remember the Savior more in your Easter celebrations. Which of the scriptures, hymns, or art pieces is your family interested in learning more about?

Progressing through Learning

Review “Education: A Spiritual Endeavor” on page 18. How has your family been blessed as you have sought the Holy Ghost to help you in your education? Are there ways you can invite the Holy Ghost to be a bigger part of your learning, even in secular education? What are some ways you and your family can help each other in gaining more education? Would one of the Church’s education programs be a good fit for someone in your family?

Come, Follow Me Family Fun

A Sense of Revelation

Matthew 16

Peter saw and heard the Savior’s teachings. However, he received his testimony of Christ through revelation rather than through his physical senses—his “flesh and blood” (see Matthew 16:13–17).

Gather a few objects (see ideas below). Take turns being blindfolded. Have each person use their other four senses to guess what the object is.


  • Smell a flower

  • Taste a treat

  • Listen to a song

  • Touch a soft sweater

Discussion: Read Doctrine and Covenants 6:14–15 and 8:2–3. How can we learn truth through the spiritual sense of revelation rather than only relying on our physical senses? Note that everyone receives a testimony through the Holy Ghost but that some feel that influence differently than others. How can personal revelation through the Holy Ghost deepen our testimonies of Christ?