How Does the Passover Symbolize Christ’s Atonement?
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“How Does the Passover Symbolize Christ’s Atonement?,” Liahona, Apr. 2022.

Come, Follow Me

Exodus 12

How Does the Passover Symbolize Christ’s Atonement?

The Passover Supper

The Passover Supper, by Brian Call

The Feast of the Passover commemorates the Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt (see Exodus 12:27). Through symbols, the Passover can teach us today that just as the Lord delivered the Israelites from bondage in Egypt, He can also deliver us from the bondage of sin.

Symbols to Consider

Paschal Lamb

A male lamb without blemish was slaughtered and eaten at the feast. God sacrificed His Only Begotten Son, as “a lamb without blemish” (1 Peter 1:19), to bring salvation to His children.

Bitter Herbs

Israelites ate bitter herbs at Passover to remind them of the bitterness of their bondage in Egypt (see Exodus 12:8). Through His Atonement, the Savior drank the “bitter cup” (3 Nephi 11:11) so that He could help us overcome the bondage of sin.

Blood on the Doorposts

The Israelites who put lamb’s blood on their doorposts were spared from physical death during the last plague (see Exodus 12:13). How does the blood of the lamb represent Christ’s Atonement? How does the Savior help us overcome both physical and spiritual death? 

The Feast of Unleavened Bread

The Lord commanded the Israelites to eat unleavened bread in order to remember the Passover (see Exodus 12:15). During the Last Supper, Jesus ate unleavened bread and invited His apostles to “eat … in remembrance of [Him]” (1 Corinthians 11:24). How does the sacrament remind you of the Savior?

Liahona Magazine, 2022/04 Apr