Jesus Christ Is Our Savior
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“Jesus Christ Is Our Savior,” Liahona, Apr. 2022.

For Parents

Jesus Christ Is Our Savior

Family Life

Dear Parents,

This month’s issue can help you teach your children about Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and the significance of His Atonement, as taught by Old Testament prophets. You can also use the ideas here to help you start discussions about the Ten Commandments and the importance of following the Lord’s chosen servants.

Gospel Discussions

Old Testament Teachings about Christ’s Atonement

Read about how the Old Testament points to Christ’s Atonement on page 40. Make a list of the examples given of the Savior’s Atonement in the Old Testament.

Prophets, including those in the Old Testament, testified of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Discuss with your family how the role of prophets remains the same today. How has the prophet recently testified of Christ?

Obeying Church Leaders

Read Elder Duncan’s article on page 44 about listening to and obeying Church leaders. Discuss with your family why it is important that we follow the counsel given us from our leaders. Perhaps invite your family to play a game of “Simon Says” to illustrate this principle.

Come, Follow Me Support

See page 48 for a comparison between the symbols of the first Passover and the Atonement of Jesus Christ to support your family’s weekly Come, Follow Me study.

Come, Follow Me Family Fun

Stand Still and Have Faith

Exodus 14–17

Old Testament Stories: The Passover

With the Lord’s help, Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt. They were frightened because they were trapped by the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army was chasing after them. “And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord” (Exodus 14:13).

  1. Display a picture of the parting of the Red Sea. Read together Exodus 14:21–29. Note the actions in those verses.

  2. Role-play the parting of the Red Sea, using the actions above. Play until everyone has had a chance to play the parts they want.

Discussion: How did the children of Israel exercise faith by doing what the Lord commanded? How can we exercise faith when we experience challenges in our lives?

Applying the Ten Commandments to Our Lives

Exodus 20

Read the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:3–17). God gave these laws to the Israelites to help them grow spiritually and live better lives. The commandments are also found in the Book of Mormon (see Mosiah 13:11–24) and in the Doctrine and Covenants (see 42:18–29; 59). How can the commandments help us today?

  1. List each of the Ten Commandments on separate pieces of paper.

  2. Have the family sit in a circle and place the commandments in the center.

  3. Have each person read a commandment and say how it fits in one of the following groups:

    • Commandments 1–4 teach us about loving God.

    • Commandments 5–10 teach us about our relationships and interactions with others.

  4. Many of the commandments tell us what not to do. Have each family member think of a positive action for each commandment.

Discussion: Think of ways the Ten Commandments have influenced your life and the culture you live in. What can we do to remember the commandments and follow them?