Because of Joseph’s Prayer
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Because of Joseph’s Prayer

A grove of trees inside a wood,

A morning bright and fair,

Young Joseph, seeking wisdom good,

Poured out to God his care.

The Father and the Son appeared

And Joseph’s troubled heart they cheered.

The clouds of darkness finally cleared

Because of Joseph’s prayer.

A record buried in a hill

And God alone knew where,

But Joseph found it, by God’s will,

For all the world to share.

Now as the Book of Mormon known,

Its pages have our Saviour shown.

The Bible does not stand alone

Because of Joseph’s prayer.

Then angels came to visit earth;

God’s priesthood they did bear.

He, with that power, set up Christ’s Church,

His kingdom to prepare.

And all who ask of God, our Lord,

Will learn this truth with one accord:

The Church of Christ has been restored

Because of Joseph’s prayer!

A temple to our God was built

So all who enter there

Can be endowed and freed from guilt,

Released from Satan’s snare.

The prophets there restored the keys

To seal in joy our families

Together through eternities,

Because of Joseph’s prayer.

And on a summer’s eventide,

For what they did declare

He and his brother Hyrum died

When mob men stormed their stair.

They sealed their witness with their life

And glory in their afterlife.

We too have a purpose in our strife

Because of Joseph’s prayer.

And soon when Jesus comes again

And all things are laid bare,

He descends to start His reign

Hosannas fill the air!

From earthly cares, we then shall rest

And stay with Jesus, ever blessed,

Having passed our mortal test

Because of Joseph’s prayer.