Tithing Pesos

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“Tithing Pesos,” Liahona, October 2020

Tithing Pesos

The author lives in Chihuahua, México.

Liahona Magazine, 2020/10 Oct

Sofía woke up early. Today was very special. She was going to sell lemonade at her aunt and uncle’s garage sale! Mamá made a huge jug of lemonade for her.

Sofía made a sign. She wrote “Lemonade!” in orange and yellow letters. She taped it to a little table. Then she sat down to wait.

Soon a man came by. “May I have a cup?” he asked. He put some pesos in her jar.

“Sure!” Sofía said. She poured him a cup of lemonade

Little by little, people came to look at the garage sale. And little by little they bought the yummy lemonade. The morning passed happily. Soon all of the lemonade was gone.

Sofía shook her jar. The pesos jingled. She had so many!

“Good job!” Papá said.

Sofía had never had so much money before. “I’m going to buy a yo-yo!”

Papá smiled. “Do you know what Mamá and I do when we earn money?”

Sofía shook her head.

“We pay tithing,” Papá said. “Heavenly Father gave us everything. He asks that we give Him a little part back. We pay tithing because we love Him.”

Sofía smiled. She wanted to show Heavenly Father that she loved Him too.

Papá helped Sofía count her pesos. Whenever she counted to 10, she put one peso in an envelope. Papá helped her write numbers on a little white paper. They put the paper in the envelope with the pesos. Then they sealed it shut. Sofía was going to give it to the bishop tomorrow at church.

“How do you feel?” Papá asked Sofia.

“So happy! And I still have money for a yo-yo.” She felt Heavenly Father was happy with her choice.