Painting Love
March 2017

“Painting Love,” Liahona, March 2017

Children with Heart

Painting Love

Liahona Magazine, 2017/03 Mar

Hi! My name is Lucy!

I live in Utah, USA, with my family. I like to paint, and I like sharing love with others.

Getting Stronger

Lucy was born with a syndrome that makes her muscles not work together well. It makes it hard for her to swallow and talk. She rides a special bike and goes on hikes with her family to help her get stronger.


Lucy’s mom is an artist. When Lucy was a baby, she loved to watch her mom paint. Now her mom teaches her to paint too. Lucy likes to use colors that look pretty together, and she paints very carefully. Someday she wants to have an art studio with her mom.

Lucy’s Heart

Lucy and her older sisters entered an art contest at their school about making the world a better place. Lucy knew she wanted to paint a heart. She said, “The world would be a better place if we have love in our hearts.”

A Loving Sister

When Lucy found out that her painting won the contest, she told her sister Ruby, “Yours is so good. I wish you would have won instead of me.” Lucy couldn’t believe it when she found out her painting won the contest for the whole United States too!

A Special Way to Communicate

It’s hard for Lucy to tell others what she is feeling. But she wants to help people feel loved and happy. And her paintings do that!