Adriana González: Central Department, Paraguay

    “Adriana González: Central Department, Paraguay,” Liahona, February 2017

    Portraits of Faith

    Adriana González

    Central Department, Paraguay

    Adriana Gonzalez

    When I asked about the bright blue table in the middle of Adriana’s kitchen, I learned that there was a time she had no table at all. Struggling to make ends meet, she took one of the Church’s self-reliance courses and decided that she could bake and sell bread—if only she had a table. She prayed for help and built a table from scrap wood.

    Cody Bell, photographer

    One of the things I needed most in that moment was a table. The table I had, had fallen apart. Someone had given me some pieces of wood because they knew I didn’t have money, but I had some little chickens and could possibly use the wood to build a chicken coop. I prayed to know what to do. I felt I should call a carpenter friend to see what we could do with it. He said, “Let’s build you a table.” That’s what I needed.

    Everything I have asked from my heart, He has heard me. He has heard me because He knew it was good for me. Now we have two tables. This table is central to our family. We sit here to share. We work here. We teach what we have learned to others here. Through self-reliance, I learned to value myself. I discovered talents that God has given to me to help me and my family. I try to pass on what I have learned to my sisters in Relief Society, to help them to value themselves as daughters of God. I am grateful I am able to bless those around me.

    You feel good when you realize all that God has given you and you can turn around and use it to help others. We need to develop every talent we have so that we can share with others.

    Adriana Gonzalez

    The day begins early for Adriana as she prepares dough for the bread she will bake and sell. All day long the kitchen table serves as a gathering place for the González family.

    Adriana feeding chickens

    Feeding the chickens is part of running Adriana’s small business. Their eggs provide an essential ingredient in her bread.

    Adriana prepares loaves for her family

    The loaves Adriana sells help her family become more self-reliant by increasing the family income. She sets a few loaves aside to share with her family.

    Adriana delivering bread

    Adriana delivers fresh bread to her neighbors.