New Area Leaders Assigned

    “New Area Leaders Assigned,” Liahona, August 2015, 12–13

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    New Area Leaders Assigned

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    The First Presidency has announced changes in area leadership assignments, effective on August 1, 2015. All members of Area Presidencies are members of the First or Second Quorum of the Seventy.

    The Seventy are called by revelation, under the direction of the First Presidency, to assist the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in their ministry throughout the world.

    “The history of the Seventies really goes back to the Old Testament,” said President Boyd K. Packer (1924–2015), President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.1 The first reference to the Seventy is found in Exodus 24:1, and they are later referred to in Numbers 11:16–17, 25, when they are gathered to assist Moses.

    During Christ’s mortal ministry, He called the Seventy, instructed them in a manner similar to the Twelve Apostles, and sent them out “before his face,” explaining that those who heard their voices would hear His voice (see Matthew 10:1, 16–17; Luke 10).

    “We believe in the same organization that existed in the primitive Church,” President Packer said. “And it included Seventies.” (See Articles of Faith 1:6.) In today’s rapidly growing Church, the Seventy play an important role in assisting the Twelve. “Seventies by delegation can do anything the Twelve tell them to do,” President Packer said.2

    new area leaders

    Presidency of the Seventy

    Elder Ronald A. Rasband

    Ronald A. Rasband

    Assists in all areas

    Elder L. Whitney Clayton

    L. Whitney Clayton

    Utah North

    Utah Salt Lake City

    Utah South

    Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

    Donald L. Hallstrom

    North America Northeast

    Elder Richard J. Maynes

    Richard J. Maynes

    North America Northwest

    North America West

    Elder Craig C. Christensen

    Craig C. Christensen


    North America Central

    Elder Ulisses Soares

    Ulisses Soares

    North America Southeast

    Elder Lynn G. Robbins

    Lynn G. Robbins

    North America Southwest

    Africa Southeast

    Elder Stanley G. Ellis

    Stanley G. Ellis

    First Counselor

    Elder Carl B. Cook

    Carl B. Cook


    Elder Kevin S. Hamilton

    Kevin S. Hamilton

    Second Counselor

    Africa West

    Elder Terence M. Vinson

    Terence M. Vinson

    First Counselor

    Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.

    LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.


    Elder David F. Evans

    David F. Evans

    Second Counselor


    Elder Randy D. Funk

    Randy D. Funk

    First Counselor

    Elder Gerrit W. Gong

    Gerrit W. Gong


    Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong

    Chi Hong (Sam) Wong

    Second Counselor

    Asia North

    Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita

    Kazuhiko Yamashita

    First Counselor

    Elder Scott D. Whiting

    Scott D. Whiting


    Elder Yoon Hwan Choi

    Yoon Hwan Choi

    Second Counselor


    Elder Jairo Mazzagardi

    Jairo Mazzagardi

    First Counselor

    Elder Claudio R. M. Costa

    Claudio R. M. Costa


    Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis

    Marcos A. Aidukaitis

    Second Counselor


    Elder Claudio D. Zivic

    Claudio D. Zivic

    First Counselor

    Elder J. Devn Cornish

    J. Devn Cornish


    Elder Hugo E. Martinez

    Hugo E. Martinez

    Second Counselor

    Central America

    Elder Adrián Ochoa

    Adrián Ochoa

    First Counselor

    Elder Kevin R. Duncan

    Kevin R. Duncan


    Elder Jose L. Alonso

    Jose L. Alonso

    Second Counselor


    Elder Paul V. Johnson

    Paul V. Johnson

    First Counselor

    Elder Patrick Kearon

    Patrick Kearon


    Elder Timothy J. Dyches

    Timothy J. Dyches

    Second Counselor

    Europe East

    Elder Jörg Klebingat

    Jörg Klebingat

    First Counselor

    Elder Bruce D. Porter

    Bruce D. Porter


    Elder Larry S. Kacher

    Larry S. Kacher

    Second Counselor


    Elder Paul B. Pieper

    Paul B. Pieper

    First Counselor

    Elder Benjamin De Hoyos

    Benjamín De Hoyos


    Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela

    Arnulfo Valenzuela

    Second Counselor

    Middle East/Africa North

    Elder Larry R. Lawrence

    Larry R. Lawrence

    Elder Wilford W. Andersen

    Wilford W. Andersen

    Administered from Church headquarters


    Elder O. Vincent Haleck

    O. Vincent Haleck

    First Counselor

    Elder Kevin W. Pearson

    Kevin W. Pearson


    Elder S. Gifford Nielsen

    S. Gifford Nielsen

    Second Counselor


    Elder Shayne M. Bowen

    Shayne M. Bowen

    First Counselor

    Elder Ian S. Ardern

    Ian S. Ardern


    Elder Allen D. Haynie

    Allen D. Haynie

    Second Counselor

    South America Northwest

    Elder W. Christopher Waddell

    W. Christopher Waddell

    First Counselor

    Elder Juan A. Uceda

    Juan A. Uceda


    Elder Carlos A. Godoy

    Carlos A. Godoy

    Second Counselor

    South America South

    Elder Francisco J. Viñas

    Francisco J. Viñas

    First Counselor

    Elder Walter F. González

    Walter F. González


    Elder José A. Teixeira

    José A. Teixeira

    Second Counselor


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