Abby’s Top-10 List

    “Abby’s Top-10 List,” Liahona, January 2015, 76

    Abby’s Top-10 List

    From “Taking Time to Talk and Listen,” Liahona, Apr. 2012, 37.

    “This is the plan of salvation unto all” (Moses 6:62).

    Abby’s Top-10 List

    Once while I was visiting a class of young women, the teacher asked the class to write their top-10 goals in life. Then she asked them to share what they had written. Abby, who had recently turned 12, was sitting next to me. This was Abby’s list:

    1. Go to college.

    2. Become an interior designer.

    3. Go on a mission to India.

    4. Get married in the temple to a returned missionary.

    5. Have five kids and a home.

    6. Send my kids on missions and to college.

    7. Become a “cookie-giving” grandma.

    8. Spoil the grandchildren.

    9. Learn more about the gospel and enjoy life.

    10. Return to live with Heavenly Father.

    Abby had a vision of the plan Heavenly Father has for all of us. When your path is focused on that most important goal of returning to Heavenly Father, you will get there!