The Power of the Atonement

“The Power of the Atonement,” Liahona, Apr. 2013, 45

The Power of the Atonement

Ioriti Taburuea, Kiribati

When the missionaries taught me, the main topics of their lessons were always Jesus Christ and His Atonement. They explained that the Atonement is a gift from Jesus Christ for each of us. It is a gift that we can use in our daily lives when we are faced with trials or when we sin. The power of the Atonement uplifts, heals, and helps us return to the strait and narrow path that leads to eternal life.

As the missionaries shared this, I had a strong feeling that testified to me that it was true, and I decided to join the Church.

Later I decided to serve a mission because I wanted to help others know about this wonderful gift. By teaching and sharing about the Atonement, I have seen others change to a new way of life. A complete change came, not just by hearing about the Atonement but by applying it in my life as well.

I know that the Atonement is real. When we invite its influence into our lives, whatever circumstances we face, everything can be taken care of and we will feel joy.