Max and Mia Save the Day
April 2013

“Max and Mia Save the Day,” Liahona, Apr. 2013, 70–72

Max and Mia Save the Day

Max got ready to play superhero. He put on his red T-shirt. He put on his superhero cape. Then he went to his little sister’s room.

“Come on, Mia,” said Max. “Let’s go save the day!”

Max and Mia went into the living room. They saw a basket full of clothes.

“Will you help me?” asked Mom.

“OK,” Max said. “Then we can go save the day.”

Max and Mia helped Mom fold all the clothes and put them away.

Then Max saw some trash on the floor. “Let’s pick up all the trash,” said Max. “Then we can go save the day.”

Max and Mia raced around the house. They threw away all the trash they could find.

They saw Mom sweeping the kitchen floor. “We can help you,” Max said.

Mia held the dustpan while Max swept the floor.

“Now let’s go save the day,” Max said.

Mom looked around at the clean house. Then she hugged Max and Mia. “I think you already did!”

Illustrations by Elise Black